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Outside Employment


Outside employment is defined as any paid activity such as, but not necessarily limited to, consulting, advising, testing or assaying, performing analyses or examinations, the practice of one's profession, or similar work performed in addition to the official responsibilities of a full-time employee.

Volunteer activities which might cause a conflict of interest are included here.

Accepting Outside Employment

The primary responsibility of employees of the U.T. System or any of its institutions is the accomplishment of the duties and responsibilities assigned to one’s position of appointment. External consulting or other outside employment that interferes with those duties and responsibilities is not acceptable. Outside employment must not create or result in conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest, and it must not result in impairment of mental or physical capacity to perform the duties of university employment in a satisfactory manner.

No member of the faculty, professional and classified staff shall undertake any form of outside employment or activity, whether remunerative (paid in some form or fashion) or volunteer,  whether regular or sporadic, which prevents the performance of those primary responsibilities expected of a full-time faculty or staff member of the university as provided in the Regents' Rules and Regulations, Section 30000 and University's Handbook of Operating Procedures (Revised), 2-2220, 5-2011, and 5-2270.

Before beginning any outside employment, you must complete and obtain all necessary departmental signatures on the Outside Employment Form (Faculty/Research Staff Form [PDF]; Staff Form [PDF]). For faculty the completed form will be filed in the Provost office and for staff the completed form will be filed in the employees personnel file.