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Student Employee Compensation

The rates for student academic titles are established each fiscal year by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.  The rates for student non-academic titles are established each fiscal year by Human Resources, Staffing and Career Management Services.  The rates state a minimum and maximum amount that may be paid for each job title.

Although latitude is permitted within the approved range, beginning appointments should normally be made at the entry level, with the upper end of the rate range reserved for more experienced employees with demonstrated competence or special qualifications.  

The dean of each college/school will establish salary policy, within the salary range, for appointments of students in the units under his/her jurisdiction.

To view the tables showing basic pay rate information for student titles for the current year, please see the Student Compensation Web page. Information about eligibility and terms of employment for student non-academic titles is available on the Student Non-Academic Employment Web page.


For more information on employing students, contact your department representative or the Student Employment Coordinator.