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Create a Balanced Workplace

You can enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and retention by creating a work environment that helps employees balance their personal and professional lives. HR offers the following services to assist you in creating a balanced and flexible workplace.

Eldercare Resources

You or other employees in your department may currently face the challenge of caring for aging parents or other loved ones. This can be a daunting task, so the EAP offers services to help employees balance work, family, and the care of aging relatives. The eldercare specialist on the Work/Life Services & EAP staff can help connect employees with eldercare resources throughout Austin. If you are interested in learning more about eldercare resources at the university or in the Austin area, contact Work/Life Services & EAP at 512-471-3366 and arrange a phone consultation or appointment.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and flexible working hours/flextime, may increase employee job satisfaction and retention. For this reason, Work/Life Services conducts training and consultation for employees, managers, and departmental HR representatives about proposing, evaluating, adopting, and managing flexible work arrangements. Check the work/life calendar of events or call Work/Life Services & EAP at 512-471-3366 if you would like a special presentation within your department.

Quiet/Lactation Rooms

Some employees in your department may require a quiet place to rest due to medical reasons, or nursing mothers in your department may need a private area for lactation. To meet the needs of these employees, your department can consult with Work/Life Services and Equal Opportunity Services about setting up quiet/lactation rooms. These areas can either be temporary arrangements or permanent sites funded by your department. Use of these rooms by employees must be during the lunch hour, on breaks, or before or after work unless there is a flex schedule or work time has been granted by you or the employee’s direct supervisor. If you're interested in setting up a quiet/lactation room, contact Work/Life Services at 512-471-3366.

Support for Pre-tenure Faculty

If your department employs any pre-tenure faculty members, you may want to suggest that they join the pre-tenure faculty group. This is a multi-session group offered once a year that deals with issues facing pre-tenure faculty members. See the work/life calendar of events for upcoming groups.