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Develop Your Organization

The university offers long-range services to help colleges, schools, and administrative units improve their organizations and maximize employee performance and effectiveness.

Development Services

The Organization Development Services unit can help you with long-range planning and efforts to improve your organization’s problem-solving and renewal processes. The organization development process works primarily through a collaborative management of organization culture, with special emphasis on the culture of formal work teams. Organization development takes time and is focused on long-term results, so projects can last up to six months or longer. If you have questions about organization development efforts, contact the Human Resources Center at 512-471-4772 or 1-800-687-4178.

The Organization Development Services unit offers the following services to managers and work teams across the university:

Strategic Planning

Mission-critical Project Management

Change Management

Reorganization and Reduction in Force

Departments may occasionally need to reorganize or reduce staff to improve services, gain efficiencies or cut costs. University policy requires that any reduction in staff be approved through the appropriate administrative channels with the final approval by the president or the president's delegate.

The request for reorganization usually is made in writing through the dean or director, then to the associate vice president for Human Resources and finally to the appropriate vice president.