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Current Service Interruptions

12:59 PM
EID password reset malfunction
Under Investigation

4/16/15 12:57pm
Web-based EID password reset is malfunctioning for some users. The web interface is telling users “Your attempted answers are incorrect” after answering password reset questions correctly.

ITS Applications staff are currently investigating root causes.

While this issue remains under investigation, please advise users to reset their passwords via email at  Select ‘Find/Reset My Password’, enter a UT EID and press Continue. Select ‘Send me a password reset e-email’.  This will only work for users that have provided us an email address.

4/16/15 12:23pm
The EID password reset self-help is malfunctioning.

ITS Applications is investigating root causes.

5:28 PM
Selfscan Unavailable
Service Functioning, Temporary Solution in Place

4/9/2015 5:25PM
Selfscan is now operational thanks to a workaround. However, the workaround disables the ability for users to create, modify, or view asset groups. The vendor is implementing a hotfix Friday (4/10) and the ISO will apply it when it becomes available.

4/9/2015 4:27PM
A change in the Selfscan API is causing a problem with authorizations. The ISO is currently working with the vendor to address this issue. We will update when more information becomes available.

4/9/15 2:16pm
The ISO has been made aware that Selfscan is currently unavailable for several users. We are researching the cause.

Past Service Interruptions

Upcoming Maintenance

<<< 12/16/2012 - 01/05/2013 >>>
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

12:00 AM - Blackboard Weekly Maintenance

12:01 AM - Austin Disk Services Planned Maintenance Window

12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window


10:00 PM - Monthly Group E-Mail Maintenance


7:00 AM - Planned Maintenance for Central Web Authentication in Qual and Beta

7:00 AM - Pype Network Maintenance Dry-run

8:00 AM - Quarterly JIRA OS Maintenance

8:00 AM - Student Photo Roster Planned Maintenance

8:00 AM - Virtual ID Cards Planned Maintenance

8:00 AM - ID Photo Gateway Planned Maintenance

6:00 PM - Wiki Service Monthly Maintenance


9:00 AM - Update vSphere 5 to latest revision

1:30 PM - UTmail Signup Portal maintenance

6:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance

9:00 PM - Patching of Oracle Central RAC (OAASPROD)


8:00 AM - UTForge Maintenance

9:00 AM - Update vSphere 5 to latest revision

10:30 PM - Emergency Maintenance - JIRA - Cat I MySQL


9:00 AM - Update vSphere 5 to latest revision






12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window






4:00 PM - ERP Web Infrastructure Maintenance Window


















12:01 AM - Austin Disk Services Planned Maintenance Window

12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window










9:00 AM - uTexas Enterprise Directory (TED) routine maintenance.

6:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance


6:00 AM - Network Maintenance for NFS file servers

6:00 AM - UTForge Maintenance


6:00 AM - uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) PROD and TEST Maintenance

10:00 AM - Software upgrade of Oracle from version to for ITS Central RAC Production Environment


7:00 AM - SecureDoc service and server maintenance

8:00 AM - Web Central Maintenance

  No maintenance to be scheduled
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