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Current Service Interruptions

6:25 PM
RESOLVED: Some Web Central custom domain sites experiencing outages
Service Restored

3/4/15 6:24 PM
The Web Central sites have been restored. ITS Systems staff are investigating the root cause.

3/4/15 6:18 PM
The RHEL virtual hosting environment is back in service.

Systems and Applications staff are monitoring the service and looking for root cause.

3/4/15 5:58 PM
Some custom domain hosted sites on Web Central are experiencing outages, including and is currently operational. 

5:09 PM
RESOLVED: University Wiki Service slow or unresponsive
Service Restored

3/4/15 5:03pm
The University Wiki Service is restored and available.
ITS Applications staff will continue to monitor the service.

3/4/15 4:42pm
As of approximately 4:35 PM, ITS Help Desk staff have observed that the University Wiki Service ( is either slow or unresponsive.
ITS Applications staff have been alerted.

11:31 AM
RESOLVED: UTDirect unresponsive
Service Restored

03/04/2015 11:30am
The application steward has successfully redeployed, and the problem is abated.  This issue is closed.

03/04/2015 11:06am
ITS Systems continues to work closely with the application steward to implement source code changes as soon as possible.

ITS Systems has also made a configuration change to free up UT Direct resources and ameliorate the negative effect until the application steward can successfully redeploy.  UT Direct availability is measurably improved.

An update to the list will happen again at 11:30 AM or earlier.

03/04/2015 10:25amI
TS Systems has identified the root cause and is working with the application owner impacting UT Direct responsiveness.

UT Direct is available, albeit slowly.

A further update will be provided in 30 minutes (or earlier) depending on changes to the situation.

03/04/2015 10:07

UTDirect unresponsive. Systems staff are investigating

11:22 AM
Problem claiming personal digital certificates
Under Investigation

03/04/2015 11:18am
The problem continues.
We’ve attributed the issue to an upstream change from InCommon and are working with them to resolve it.

Currently, there are only 3 users who are waiting to finalize the claiming of their certificates.

We’ll be working to write a patch to address this change and will keep the affected users updated.

We’ll also circle back when this is addressed.

3/3/15 5:33pm
Users are having issues claiming new personal digital certificates via
The Information Security Office is actively investigating the problem.

An update will be provided tomorrow morning.

Please note that all existing personal digital certificates will function as expected.
also, there are no issues with creating server certificates.

Past Service Interruptions

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