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URGENT: OpenSSL exploit in the wild. Please ensure OpenSSL is appropriately patched. Please see the Information Security Office wiki for more information.

2:07 PM
RESOLVED:FootPrints License Error
Service Restored

This has been resolved.

A new license code was entered into Footprints this afternoon to add concurrent licenses to the total available to the service.
Though the new licenses were added, some ‘fixed’ license individuals were converted to ‘concurrent’ users, and this has caused a run on concurrent licenses, which in turn is causing login issues to the service, as all available concurrent licenses are in use.
We’re compiling a list of those people who should have fixed licenses, and putting them back.
There may be intermittent log in issues to Footprints while we get the fixed licenses back in the hands of those who purchased them.
Sorry For The Inconvienience

10:57 AM
RESOLVED:- Planned Disruptive - QUAL uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) Maintenance
Service Restored

Maintenance complete

Updates are proceeding normally, but taking longer than anticipated. Disruptive portion is complete, so no further outages expected.

Planned Disruptive - QUAL uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) Maintenance
Event: QUAL uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) Routine Maintenance
Category: Planned Outage
Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

10:10 PM
New VoIP System Feature Issue
Under Investigation

Updated 4/11/2014
Some new VoIP system users reported issues with activating or deactivating Call Forward variants features on 04/09/14.  While our vendor is working to resolve this issue, any users experiencing this problem can submit a trouble on line at or call 512-471-5711 option 1 until issue is resolved.

No additional updates will be made until the vendor releases a fix and maintenance is scheduled.

9:43 AM
UPDATE: Legacy VoIP Phones Partial Outage
Service Functioning, Temporary Solution in Place

“Some legacy VoIP system users experienced outages starting Mar 21 2014.  As of now, all known user data has been corrected.  We will continue respond to any additional issues as they are reported.  Until the permanent fix is in place, no feature changes, additions, or disconnect of the legacy VoIP service should be made.  Emergency cases will be handled.

“This is a worldwide data issue that the vendor is working to resolve. This application is on hold until further notice. ITS will update when the vendor releases an updated fix and procedure.”

7:19 AM
UT Wikis Intermittent Outages
Service Functioning, Temporary Solution in Place

The University Wikis Service is experiencing intermittent outages. ITS staff continue to monitor and investigate the root cause of the issue, but users should expect intermittent brief outages until the root cause is discovered. 

4:56 PM
Yahoo DMARC impacting several campus services
Under Investigation

ITS has identified probable disruption of email communications in the following services due to Yahoo’s implementation of their new DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance policy:

Services with confirmed Impact
•      UT Lists
•      Blackboard
Services with probable Impact
•      Group Messaging
Services with potential Impact
•      Canvas

Impacted populations have been identified as recipients with domains, or Yahoo managed domains such as, @swbell,, and  Senders from these domains may also see bounces from,,, and (and any Google Apps addresses, including UTMail users).

Until such a time as Yahoo changes this policy, we suggest using one of the email accounts sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin, changing official email addresses, and changing addresses in UT Lists.  Sponsored Accounts for students include UTmail.  Sponsored accounts for faculty and staff include AEMS and Office 365, as decided by your department.

Past Service Interruptions

Upcoming Maintenance

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12:00 AM - Blackboard Weekly Maintenance

12:01 AM - Austin Disk Services Planned Maintenance Window

12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window


10:00 PM - Monthly Group E-Mail Maintenance


7:00 AM - Planned Maintenance for Central Web Authentication in Qual and Beta

7:00 AM - Pype Network Maintenance Dry-run

8:00 AM - Quarterly JIRA OS Maintenance

8:00 AM - Student Photo Roster Planned Maintenance

8:00 AM - Virtual ID Cards Planned Maintenance

8:00 AM - ID Photo Gateway Planned Maintenance

6:00 PM - Wiki Service Monthly Maintenance


9:00 AM - Update vSphere 5 to latest revision

1:30 PM - UTmail Signup Portal maintenance

6:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance

9:00 PM - Patching of Oracle Central RAC (OAASPROD)


8:00 AM - UTForge Maintenance

9:00 AM - Update vSphere 5 to latest revision

10:30 PM - Emergency Maintenance - JIRA - Cat I MySQL


9:00 AM - Update vSphere 5 to latest revision






12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window






4:00 PM - ERP Web Infrastructure Maintenance Window


















12:01 AM - Austin Disk Services Planned Maintenance Window

12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window










9:00 AM - uTexas Enterprise Directory (TED) routine maintenance.

6:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance


6:00 AM - Network Maintenance for NFS file servers

6:00 AM - UTForge Maintenance


6:00 AM - uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) PROD and TEST Maintenance

10:00 AM - Software upgrade of Oracle from version to for ITS Central RAC Production Environment


7:00 AM - SecureDoc service and server maintenance

8:00 AM - Web Central Maintenance

  No maintenance to be scheduled
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