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Current Service Interruptions

URGENT: OpenSSL exploit in the wild. Please ensure OpenSSL is appropriately patched. Please see the Information Security Office wiki for more information.

5:39 PM
RESOLVED:Extended: Planned TED Maintenance
Service Restored

Maintenance Complete.

Routine maintenance will take place on the uTexas Enterprise Directory (TED). No user impact is expected between 2:30 and 5:00 PM. There will be a brief disruption to TED updates between 5:00 and 5:30 PM.

11:19 AM
RESTORED:University Wiki Service Down / Being Restarted
Service Restored

University Wiki Service is up-and-running.

University Wiki Service went down at 11:00AM. Admins and Systems staff have restarted it and are investigating the cause.

10:10 PM
New VoIP System Feature Issue
Under Investigation

Updated 4/11/2014
Some new VoIP system users reported issues with activating or deactivating Call Forward variants features on 04/09/14.  While our vendor is working to resolve this issue, any users experiencing this problem can submit a trouble on line at or call 512-471-5711 option 1 until issue is resolved.

No additional updates will be made until the vendor releases a fix and maintenance is scheduled.

7:19 AM
UT Wikis Intermittent Outages
Service Functioning, Temporary Solution in Place

The University Wikis Service is experiencing intermittent outages. ITS staff continue to monitor and investigate the root cause of the issue, but users should expect intermittent brief outages until the root cause is discovered. 

4:56 PM
Yahoo DMARC impacting several campus services
Under Investigation

ITS has identified probable disruption of email communications in the following services due to Yahoo’s implementation of their new DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance policy:

Services with confirmed Impact
•      UT Lists
•      Blackboard
Services with probable Impact
•      Group Messaging
Services with potential Impact
•      Canvas

Impacted populations have been identified as recipients with domains, or Yahoo managed domains such as, @swbell,, and  Senders from these domains may also see bounces from,,, and (and any Google Apps addresses, including UTMail users).

Until such a time as Yahoo changes this policy, we suggest using one of the email accounts sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin, changing official email addresses, and changing addresses in UT Lists.  Sponsored Accounts for students include UTmail.  Sponsored accounts for faculty and staff include AEMS and Office 365, as decided by your department.

Past Service Interruptions

Upcoming Maintenance

<<< 03/16/2014 - 04/05/2014 >>>
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

12:00 AM - Blackboard Weekly Maintenance

12:01 AM - SharePoint 2010 Maintenance


6:00 PM - Group E-Mail Planned Maintenance


9:00 AM - Natclipse server maintenance

6:00 PM - University Wiki Service Monthly Maintenance

10:00 PM - SharePoint Maintenance (Tue)

10:00 PM - Web Central Biweekly Scheduled Maintenance


6:30 AM - Planned monthly maintenance for ITS CAT1 and non-CAT1 MySQL

6:30 AM - XML Gateway outage (MySQL maintenance)

6:30 AM - Planned MySQL maintenance on March 19 will cause interruption to Document Repository

12:01 PM - CTL Scanning Maintenance

2:00 PM - Star Line Breaker Installation Maintenance notification for incident # 267784


9:00 AM - ITS Central RAC (QUAL) maintenance outage

5:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance


2:00 AM - Expedited - Legacy VoIP reset...


7:00 AM - WebSpace planned database maintenance

7:00 AM - EWDE Maintenance


12:00 AM - Blackboard Weekly Maintenance

12:01 AM - SharePoint 2010 Maintenance

9:00 PM - PyPE OS Security Patching - Beta & Production


9:00 AM - Javamail PROD firewall adjustment


7:15 AM - Student Photo Roster Expedited Non-Disruptive Maintenance

7:15 AM - Virtual ID Cards Expedited Non-Disruptive Maintenance

7:15 AM - ID Photo Gateway Expedited Non-Disruptive Maintenance

8:00 AM - JIRA quarterly OS maintenance

10:00 PM - SharePoint Maintenance (Tue)


7:00 AM - CTL Scanning Maintenance

7:00 AM - Short Links Update

8:00 AM - Cooling Tower Semi-annual Cleaning

10:00 PM - UT Lists planned maintenance


8:00 AM - Cooling Tower Semi-annual Cleaning

5:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance

6:00 PM - Expedited Session Border Controller Patch Application


10:00 PM - SharePoint Maintenance (Fri)


7:00 AM - EWDE Maintenance

7:00 AM - Weekly planned maintenance for OS patching

9:00 AM - UTLogin routine maintenance


12:00 AM - Blackboard Weekly Maintenance

12:01 AM - SharePoint 2010 Maintenance


7:00 AM - Pype maintenance

9:00 AM - Urgent Email Maintenance

12:01 PM - CTL's Credit by Exam system improvements

1:00 PM - CTL Test Registration System Maintenance


7:00 AM - Monthly JIRA Application Maintenance

8:00 AM - Austin AD Name Server Refresh

8:00 AM - Short Links Service Expedited Maintenance

3:00 PM - UT Direct Notifications Retirement

10:00 PM - Web Central Biweekly Scheduled Maintenance


6:00 AM - UTLogin routine maintenance

6:00 AM - Adobe Connect database maintenance

6:00 AM - Maintenance for MSSQL


9:00 AM - QUAL Blackboard outage

5:00 PM - Blog Service Weekly Maintenance

5:50 PM - DEFINE Internals/Enterprise Workflow Expedited Maintenance

7:00 PM - Production ITS central RAC Database Server OS Patching


6:00 PM - Austin Domain Controller Refresh

10:00 PM - SharePoint Maintenance (Fri)


7:00 AM - EWDE Maintenance

  No maintenance to be scheduled
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