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Entitlements: Overview

An EID holder may have from zero to many entitlements, each with a start and end date (end dates may be in perpetuity). For example, an EID could have an LLV entitlement with a specific end date, which would grant UT Libraries Visitor Privileges to that EID holder until that end date.

Requesting a New Entitlement

New entitlements can be created on a case by case basis to aid developers across campus. In general, the following guidelines describe good candidates for entitlements.

  • Entitlements should be of interest to other parts of the university outside your department.

  • Entitlements should be applied to a population which can be easily defined.

  • Entitlements should be contained to a limited population which does not grow significantly over time.

If the creation of a new entitlement would assist your area in development, we encourage you to contact the EID Team at

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