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Group E-Mail

Receiving Authorization to Send a Group E-Mail Message

Note: Group E-Mail for Faculty and Deans used to send messages to *Class, *Major, and *Waitlist lists is available at the old Group E-Mail system at:

Prior to Requesting Authorization to send messages in Group E-Mail:

  1. From the Group E-Mail Gateway page, find the Group you’d like to send an email to.
  2. Groups may have more than one message type, so you need to request authorization to the proper list type. The types are:
    • Informational – Any communication that increases the awareness of cost-free campus activities, events, or services, including volunteer activities. Examples of topics acceptable for Informational messages include parking disruptions, game day schedules, Mooove-In, Orange Santa, free holiday music, passport services, etc.
    • Promotional – Any communication that announces an opportunity to attend a ticketed event or visit a retail outlet, such as an athletic competition, museum store, or theatrical entertainment. The announcement must be relevant to current employees by offering a discount or other unique opportunity.
    • Official - A communication that is a required notification or requires some action on the part of the recipient, or an important communication from an executive officer or designated representative. Examples would be a message from Payroll telling employees how to claim their W-2 forms, or a message from the President’s office announcing the President’s retirement.
    • Group E-Mail list examples:
      • ALL-STUDENTS-Informational – To send an Informational email to the ALL-STUDENTS group
      • ALL-STUDENTS-Promotional – To send a Promotional email to the ALL-STUDENTS group
      • ALL-STUDENTS-Official – To send an Official email to the ALL-STUDENTS group
  3. Contact one of the Administrators for the group and provide them with the following information:
    • The name of the group you’d like to send a message to.
    • The type of message (Informational, Promotional, Official) you’d like to send.
    • Either a description of the message or a draft of the email you’d like to send.
  4. If the administrator of the group pre-approves your authorization:
    • Go to the Group E-Mail Gateway page.
    • Click Go to Group E-Mail.
    • Find the Group.
    • Click Request Authorization to Send Messages.
  5. Once the administrator has approved your request, you can send your email.

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