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Austin Exchange Messaging Service

Setting Up Your Windows Mobile Device for Mobile Access

Use the ActiveSync settings on your Windows Mobile 6 device to make a wireless connection to your Austin Exchange Messaging Service (AEMS) account and to synchronize your device's email and calendar with the server.

Note: You must have an active data plan with your service provider to connect your mobile device to your AEMS account.

Configuring Your Device to Connect to Your AEMS Email Account

Note: You must disconnect your phone from your PC before you can change synchronization settings.

  1. On the Home screen, select Start, and then select ActiveSync.

  2. Select Menu, then select Configure Server.

    Note: If you have not yet set up sync with Exchange Server, this will say Add Server Source instead of Configure Server.

  3. In the Edit Server Settings area, enter or select the following values:

    • Server Address: ""

    • This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection

  4. Select Next when finished.

  5. In the User Information area, enter or select the following values:

    • Username: Your UT EID

    • Password: Your UT EID password

    • Domain: ""

    • Save password

  6. Select Next when finished.

  7. In the Options area, select the items you want to synchronize. The options are Contacts, Calendar, Email, and Tasks.

  8. Select the Finish button.

Automatically Synchronizing Your Email and Calendar

Configure your device to automatically synchronize your email and calendar on a regular schedule.

  1. On the Home screen, select Start, and then select ActiveSync.

  2. Select Menu, and then select Schedule.

  3. In Schedule, choose when to Sync during:

    • Peak times.

    • Off-peak times.

Note: It is possible to customize many of these settings by selecting Menu, then Advanced. To synchronize immediately, select the Sync button.

If you have difficulty setting up your device, or need more specific instructions, please contact the ITS Help and Service Desk.

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