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Telephone Service (Retirement in Progress)

General Information: Introduction

The SL-100 digital switch provides private telephone communication service for the University of Texas at Austin. With the features this system provides, your telephone is capable of many sophisticated operations. The features on your telephone should be selected to reflect your specific needs.

For a feature to work, it must first be installed on your line. All of the features listed in these pages are free to University faculty and staff. A phone call to the Business Office is all that is needed to have a feature added to or deleted from your line. These requests can generally be handled immediately with little or no waiting. We encourage our users to become aware of the many features available to them through the telephone system and to make full use of them. However, since some features tie up memory in the switch, we hope you will request deactivation of any features that you no longer use or need.

To activate the many features, use the keypad/dial and the switchhook on your telephone. The various rings and tones you hear will assist you.

The instructions that follow will tell you to depress the switchhook momentarily. This is also referred to as HOOKFLASH. This means that you should hold the switchhook or button down for about one-half second or as long as it takes to say HOOK-EM. You will know you have completed the hook-flash correctly by the special stutter dial tone that follows.

Holding the switchhook down for more than two seconds will disconnect your call. When completing your call, it is important that you hold the switchhook down long enough to disconnect the first call before making another call. Be sure to listen for a normal dial tone before dialing the next call. Failure to do this when completing long distance calls may result in additional charges.

These pages are a detailed reference to help all users understand and make full use of the University Telephone Service. Please make this information available to everyone in your department. You may refer to definitions and the detailed instructions for additional help. If further assistance is necessary, contact the Business Office at 471-5711.

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