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Importing Your Encryption Certificate Into the Windows Certificate Store After You Download From Firefox

If you downloaded your certificate using Firefox, you should import the certificate file into the Windows Certificate Store. That makes it available for use in Outlook and other Microsoft products.

  1. Locate the certificate files you saved on your computer. Double-click the first .P12 file.

  2. In the Certificate Import Wizard Dialog, click Next.

  3. The file you selected displays in the File Name field. (If it is not already displaying in the field, click Browse to select it.) Click Next.

  4. Enter the appropriate backup password:

    • For the digital certificate file, enter the password that the Stache web page gave you when you downloaded the certificate.
  5. Clear the Enable Strong Private Key protection option.

  6. Select the Mark this key as exportable option. This allows you to export the file back out of the Windows Certificate Store and create a new backup password so that you don't have to remember the random password the Comodo Web page gave you. Click Next.

  7. Make sure the default option Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate is selected and click Next.

  8. The application displays a summary of the settings. Click Finish.

  9. Repeat steps 1-8 for the other certificate file.

  10. Once your certificates are imported, you will need to configure your email client to use your certificate. Instructions for this step are available for the following email clients:

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