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As part of the Web Central Services Retirement project, the ITS website will be retired. Information about IT services will be replaced by two new sites, IT@UT and UT ServiceNow, and ITS departmental information will be migrated to a new location. All changes will be completed by 7/28/2016.


I can not log in!

Find your UT EID

To find your UT EID or get a new one, please visit the UT EID Self-Service Tools.

I’ve forgotten my password.

To see your password hint or reset your password, please visit the UT EID Self-Service Tools.

My password doesn’t work.

To see your password hint or reset your password, please visit the UT EID Self-Service Tools

Locked UT EID

Your UT EID may become locked because it hasn't been used for a while, because there have been too many invalid logon attempts, or for security reasons. In most cases, you can unlock your EID by resetting your password in the UT EID Self-Service Tools. In some cases, you may need to contact the UT Service Desk for assistance. The directions in the error message on the login page will tell you what to do.

Figure 1: This is an example of the new format of the UTLogin login page. As shown here, a message lets you know what to do if your EID is locked.

Error Message: “This login page is active for a limited period of time.”

The UTLogin login page becomes inactive if no action is taken on it for several minutes. This is intended to protect UT EID passwords that may have been entered on the login page, but not submitted. If you click the reload link, it will return you to the login page and forward you to your original destination after you log in successfully.

Figure 2: The UTLogin login page displays a message when it must be reloaded after timing out.

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We Can Help

Get help from an expert:

* UT Service Desk

* Call us at 512-475-9400

* Submit a help request online

We also have a walk-in service in the first floor lobby of the Flawn Academic Center (FAC). Stop by and let us help you!