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Web Conferencing - Adobe Connect

Setting Up a Seminar

Use Adobe Connect Seminars to create a special type of online meeting. Seminars bring attendees to a meeting room on a specific day between set start and end times. The seminar exists only for that time. If you expect to have at least 40 attendees for an online meeting, schedule a seminar room.

If you do not have access to set up a seminar room, please open a ticket with the UT Service Desk or call 512-475-9400. Active faculty/staff can request seminar administrator rights in Adobe Connect.

These are instructions on setting up a seminar for the first time using Adobe Connect 9.4.

  1. Log into Adobe Connect Admin Portal with your EID and password.
  2. Click Seminars.
  3. Click Shared Seminars.
  4. Click the folder labeled UT Austin Seminar Room #1
  5. Click New Seminar Room.
  6. Enter the Meeting Information.
    a. Click Next if you are adding participants, search by EID, click Add, then Finish when complete. b. Otherwise click Finish.
  7. Optional: It is recommended to schedule a session because only one Seminar Room can be scheduled for a unique date/time in Adobe Connect. Scheduling a session in advance also ensures you will have the desired date /time available.
    a. Click Schedule a Session.
    b. Ensure your Seminar Room is selected.
    c. Provide a Name for the session.
    d. Select your date and time, then click Create.

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