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Public Internet Access

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Current students, faculty, staff, and official visitors have access to the wireless network on campus (SSID:

You must configure your computer or mobile device to use so that the security and sign-in processes work correctly. Instructions for configuring can be found on the Connecting to Wireless Internet on Public Network page.

Procedures are currently available for:

If you experience trouble connecting to wireless or if a configuration is not available for your device, contact the ITS Help and Service Desk.

Applications that require publicly accessible IP addresses

Due to the large number of devices on the wireless network, connected devices are no longer assigned publicly accessible IP addresses. The network uses the NAT protocol to distribute internal IP addresses. If you have applications that will not function through NAT, you may request a public IP address.

Requests to opt-out of NAT will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To request a public address, email Include your EID and a description of your applications, operating systems and devices that do not work with NAT. Opt-outs will apply to all devices authenticated under your EID.

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