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Managed IT Support Annual Report 2013-2014

  • 99% Service Level Agreement Response Time Achieved.
  • 10,491 tickets resolved.
  • 1,606 remote support via Bomgar to immediately resolve customers issues.
  • 4.94 out of 5 is average overall customer satisfaction survey rating.
  • 96% of customers say they are VERY satisfied with the support we offer.
  • Provide Basic VoIP support for 27 out of 65 bldgs converted to VoIP.


The graphs below provide a quick glance at how well the Managed IT Suppport is doing based on our most important indicators.

The Customer Service Index (CSI) shows how satisfied our customers are with our service based on surveys they fill out. Our goal is to have an average CSI of 4.5 out of 5.

Total Incidents is how many incidents are resolved either via email, phone, web, in-person or remotely.

Customer Testimonials

The gentleman on the phone was great and very responsive and polite. The fact that he came in person to follow-up and very quickly was amazing. I am always so very pleased with how easy this team is to work with. 1) they don't make you feel stupid even when you have sort of done something stupid 2) they explain things in ways everyone can understand and 3) they have extreme respect for everyone's time and take great pains to complete things quickly with attention to transparency.

Public Affairs Representative, LBJ School of Public Affairs


I was expecting to drop my phone off and pick it up later. He put down what he was doing and took great care of me, immediately. And on top of it, he just couldn't have been more pleasant. Calling it "customer service" seems so formal, but I couldn't have hoped to have been taken care of any better. Thanks.

Project Manager, PMCS


Marques was superb in completing my IT requests. He was patient, attentive, and knowledgeable. He also emailed me to let me know the status of the order since he felt it was taking longer than expected. We really appreciated his and Josh's help getting our new office space ready. Couldn't continue to do our work without their attention and commitment to resolving our IT requests.

Social Science/Humanities Research Associate III, Center for Social Work Research, School of Social Work


Andrew was very helpful, and more importantly, very patient with me when discussing the situation with my laptop. He asked and answered questions in a manner that was understandable. He patiently walked me through the process of setting up a 'loaner' laptop so that I was not without one for the duration that mine was being serviced. It is impressive to have someone on your staff that is knowledgeable as well as courteous when dealing with customers. Thank you to Andrew.

District Literacy Liaison, Institue for Public School Iniatives, College of Education

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