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Managed Server Support


All prices are for an annual agreement; some options can be prorated for agreements that do not start at the beginning of a fiscal year and apply to managed servers (physical or virtual).

Published rates are based on actual cost recovery methodology as set and approved by the Office of Accounting Costing and Analysis section.

2014-2015 Pricing, Beginning Sept 1, 2014

Service Cost / Year
Operational $1,556 per server
Hourly $71 per hour

  1. Operational Support provides base support for physical and virtual servers. The hours of support included with the $1556 for operational support is approximately 22 hours per server per year (1.8 hours per server per month). If included operational support hours are exceeded within the fiscal year, notification will be provided to the customer and a supplemental invoice will be generated for the overage. Operational support includes:

    • Operational Maintenance - security patches and updates, troubleshooting, monitoring, and documentation.
    • Backup Management - install, manage and monitor UTBackup.
    • Basic Database Administration (MySQL, MSSQL): basic functionality, database backup, routine maintenance tasks and operational troubleshooting.
    • ISORA assistance - Update and upload NetContacts; Complete Step 1; provide assistance with Step 2
    • Basic Application Deployment - Initial assistance in installing applications to the point of functioning properly
  2. Hourly Support provides support for services beyond Operational Support. Hourly Support can be provided upon request of the customer at fixed-price/fixed-scope consultations and projects at a rate of $71 per hour. Examples of Hourly support include:

    • Server Onboarding or Deployment - Includes planning, installation, server hardening and configuration tasks.
    • Assessments - Examples include security compliance with UT policies, migration from existing physical or virtual hosts to UT-V, server consolidation
    • Application Support - Tier II application support for open-source or vendor supported products

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