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Top 10 IT Higher Education Issues

July 24, 2013

The EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel recently published Top Ten IT Higher Education Issues – 2013: Welcome to the Connected Age. This year’s report cites “the increasing interconnections among external forces, institutional strategic priorities, and information technology in higher education” as vital in enhancing the core missions of teaching and research while helping reduce administrative costs and inefficiencies.

As we have discovered here at the University, there is a pressing need to redefine how technology enables and facilitates these connections that are essential to the well-being and success of higher education in the 21st Century. Here is the EDUCAUSE list of Top-Ten IT Issues, 2013:

  1. Leveraging the wireless and device explosion on campus
  2. Improving student outcomes through an approach that leverages technology
  3. Developing an institution-wide cloud strategy to help the institution select the right sourcing and solution strategies
  4. Developing a staffing and organizational model to accommodate the changing IT environment and facilitate openness and agility
  5. Facilitating a better understanding of information security and finding appropriate balance between infrastructure openness and security
  6. Funding information technology strategically
  7. Determining the role of online learning and developing a sustainable strategy for that role
  8. Supporting the trends toward IT consumerization and bring-your-own device
  9. Transforming the institution's business with information technology
  10. Using analytics to support critical institutional outcomes

In reviewing the Top Ten list, it is validating to see that our 2012-2013 IT Governance Goals address many of these challenges. Please explore the Top Ten Issues website; it will be time well-spent.

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