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The Amazing Growth of Our Campus Network

August 9, 2013

The recently released Campus Network Report, Academic Year 2012 -2013 provides an impressive view into the University’s network growth.

The ITS Networking & Telecommunications team provides network services to 50,000+ students and ~24,000 faculty and staff. There is a network connection to 160 buildings on UT Austin’s main campus and the Pickle Research Campus. Adding external UT Austin sites throughout Austin, the campus network now serves over 20 million square feet indoors.

Through metrics, graphs, and commentary, the report describes the size and performance of the University’s networks. Here are some examples:

  • Over 9,480 pieces of equipment create the network, with a projected annualized lifecycle of over $6M.
  • There are now more than 250,000 unique devices using the network and this number is growing at a rate of 26% annually (primarily wireless).
  • For the first time, wireless users became the predominate users of Internet bandwidth.

Since the last report published in July, 2011, ITS has made significant capital investments in the campus network, including upgrades to the core and data center routers, new network equipment to open the East hall of the data center, implementation of geo-diverse resiliency for wireless, and Network Address Translation to provide more IP address space for all the additional wireless devices being used on our campus.

Planning is underway for multi-year high-speed capacity, a new primary Network Operations Center, changes to support the Shared Services initiatives and Wired 802.1x (auto-configuration) for wired networks.

This report was originally created to identify trends and inform IT governance. It is also worth noting that this report is anticipated and widely read by UT Austin's peers in higher education. Since the report was published last week, there have already been 300+ downloads. Take time to review the report. You’ll learn a lot and feel good about the role ITS plays in supporting the mission of the University.

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