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Splunk is an advanced IT search tool that offers users, administrators, and developers the ability to instantly search all data generated by applications, servers, and network devices in the IT infrastructure.


  • Monitor file systems for scripts and configuration changes, capture archive files, find and tail live application logs, connect to network ports to receive syslog, SNMP, and other network-based instrumentation.
  • Fast, free form search on anything, not just a few predetermined fields. Find errors across every tier of your infrastructure and configuration changes in the seconds before a system failure occurred.
  • Searches can be run on a schedule and trigger notifications or actions based on the search results. Notifications can be sent via email, RSS, or SNMP, and actions can trigger scripts to perform user-described activities.
  • Search results can be easily summarized as reports with interactive charts, graphs, and tables. You can specify new fields without re-indexing your data.
  • Searches can be saved, allowing the system to identify different types of fields, events, to make the whole system smarter for everyone else.
  • Scale your installation from a single application to a whole data center.
  • Splunk includes secure data handling, fine grain access controls, auditability, assurance of data integrity, and integration with existing authentication systems.
  • Splunk collects and manages logs, configurations, messages, traps and alerts and statistics from all your IT components and makes it available to any system, service or application.


Splunk is available at no cost to UT Austin departments and at a deeply discounted rate to all other UT System institutions. License fees grant you the Right To Use (RTU) the software for the current fiscal year which runs from September 1 through August 31 of the following calendar year. License fees are not pro-rated and must be renewed annually.

A free version is available to provide you with an opportunity to test the software.

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