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Current ITS Projects

Project Management Methodology

To better meet customer expectations, improve the quality and delivery of service, and continue building trust across campus, ITS provides a project management framework for efforts that are over 80 hours. The project management methodology describes a consistent process and set of document templates for planning, executing and tracking IT projects. The framework is provided as a foundation and guideline, and a primary purpose of the templates and framework is to stimulate a thorough consideration of factors which may affect the work. As projects vary in size, scope, and complexity, project leads are expected to determine when a given template or template section may not apply to the effort at hand.

The project management methodology has several phases, each of which has supporting documents to help with planning and execution. These are living documents and are meant to be updated as needed during the course of a project; in fact, each project phase includes updating the documents from the previous phase.

Project Framework

The full set of project and project management deliverables is described in the Phase Deliverables document, and a visual overview is provided in the Phase Deliverables Flow. This lists the items which should be delivered in each phase of a project, including updates to documentation. Links to template documents are provided where appropriate. In addition, each deliverable has an accompanying responsibility matrix which outlines which team members, managers, and customers should be involved in its creation, review, and approval.

Project Document Templates

Phase 0: Pre-planning

Phase 1: Planning

Phase 2: Requirements

Phase 3: Solution Analysis

Phase 4: High Level Design

Phase 5: Detailed Design

Phase 6: Build

  • There are no documentation templates for the Build phase.

Phase 7: Test

Phase 8: Training

  • There are no documentation templates for the Training phase.

Phase 9: Deployment and Closure

Maintenance and End of Life

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