The University of Texas at Austin

Security Awareness

Toughen Up

Knowledge is power. Bulk up your understanding of Internet threats and how to prevent them from ever reaching your computer. Learn how to avoid viruses, spyware, identity theft and other threats. Get tough and stay tough.

Lock Up

Clamp down on your personal information by creating strong passwords for your online accounts. Get useful advice and tips on keeping your accounts safe and your private information private.

Surf's Up

Before taking the plunge on MySpace or Facebook, ask yourself: am I posting TMI (too much information)? The more you share online, the more chances there are for Internet crooks and predators to find your personal information. Get helpful tips and advice for protecting yourself when surfing, shopping, chatting and posting on the Internet.

Heads Up

Now hear this! Get the facts on safe, legal downloading. Read advice, tips and information on how to avoid online risks associated with sharing music, movies and other electronic content. Also learn where you stand in regard to the acceptable use of technology resources at The University of Texas at Austin.