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As part of the Web Central Services Retirement project, the ITS website will be retired. Information about IT services will be replaced by two new sites, IT@UT and UT ServiceNow, and ITS departmental information will be migrated to a new location. All changes will be completed by 7/19/2016.

Services for Technical Staff

What You Need to Know

The technical environment at The University of Texas at Austin is complex. In addition to the central services provided by Information Technology Services, many schools and colleges on campus provide an additional layer of technology services to their constituents. "Technical staff," "developers," and "support staff" all cross a broad range of functions, from networking to desktop support to programming in many languages.

Mailing Lists for Technical Staff

ITS provides a number of mailing lists to help technical staff stay informed:

  • IT Talk is an unmoderated list for technical staff at the university to troubleshoot questions and share information. Visit the IT Talk information page to subscribe to the list.
  • IT Updates is an announcement-only list from ITS to inform technical staff about IT issues and topics. Visit the IT Updates information page to subscribe to the list.
  • OSX Support is a discussion list for technical staff at the university to troubleshoot questions and share information regarding OSX. Visit the OSX Support information page to subscribe to the list.

For a complete list of computing-related mailing lists available at the university, visit the Computing area of UT Lists.

Learn about the EID System

The EID System is a cornerstone of technology services on campus. You use it to look up phone numbers, limit access to your applications, and even to log into the wireless networks. This article explains the foundational concepts of the EID system.

Managing the Security of IT Resources

Since 2005, information security policies and the management of IT resources have come to the forefront of the IT conversation on campus. Technical staff are asked to implement required security practices and communicate with their customers about those practices. The Policies section on the Web site for the Chief Information Officer is an important resource. You can also use the Security Awareness area to become more familiar with practices and refer students, faculty and staff to the information, which is intended for a non-technical audience.

We Can Help

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