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Microsoft SQL Server


The ITS Systems Database team offers standards-based, professionally managed SQL Server database systems including hardware, software, and system administration for University of Texas customers. The Microsoft SQL Server database servers may be used for websites, commercial applications, and custom applications designed and built by the customer. The central Microsoft SQL Server database servers are shared to minimize cost and ensure efficient use of the service resources. This service provides three database environments to support the full application development life cycle. The included environments are Development, Quality Assurance (QA), and Production. This service includes database/system administration, database backups and recovery, and monitoring.


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 environment with AlwaysOn Availability Group configuration
  • 10 gigabytes of storage space on the central Microsoft SQL Server database servers
  • Daily production backups (at minimum) with a four week retention
  • Ability to safely store Confidential Data in databases
  • Access to the ITS Systems Microsoft SQL Server team for advice and troubleshooting

In the Fully Managed infrastructure, ITS owns, manages, and supports the SQL Server hardware and host server software resources.The Fully Managed ITS shared SQL Server service is recommended for departments, colleges, or other groups that require SQL Server database service. ITS provides the hardware, software, and staff resources to manage the central SQL Server infrastructure. It is also recommended for those who may be using Confidential Data in their databases.

If you have a requirement to store Confidential Data or HIPAA data, there may be additional reviews imposed by the Information Security Office and University Compliance Services to make sure that all appropriate controls are in place.


The Fully Managed shared ITS Microsoft SQL Server database service is available at no cost for up to six named databases. Additional databases, dedicated or standalone managed environments, and/or storage may incur additional costs. Please contact for more information.


Ordering The Fully Managed Microsoft SQL Server database service must be ordered through the Microsoft SQL Server Database Service order form.

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