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Project: Student Printing

Student Printing

The University's main objective is to evaluate the viability of "Follow Me Printing" for Student Campus printing. Basically it allows students to send print jobs to a queue from wherever they are. Students can then go to any "Follow Me" printer, swipe their University ID card, pick the version and/or other documents they want to print, and the device will print it for them on demand.

This new technology has been successfully introduced at a number of other institutions of higher education that enable students to more flexibly print documents, while saving resources and preventing waste in the volume of print jobs that are no longer printed and immediately discarded. This project will evaluate the costs and benefits of expanding it throughout the entire campus.

Student Campus printing is defined as campus lab printing through the Pharos system.

Guiding Principles

This pilot will use three basic principles as the guide for the evaluation and implementation of the project. The three basic principles are as follows:

  • Student Feedback Driven - The Student Campus printing project will seek out student feedback for this service.
  • Improvement of service efficiencies - Measureable results for current printer service work flow improvements.
  • Improvement of Printer Service Quality - Results based on the vendor service performance and printed deliverables during the Pilot.


There are three main areas that we need to gather data on and make a final recommendation:

  • Third-party service meets or exceeds the current service based on benchmarks and evaluations.
  • Payment methods will meet the requirements of University (central and departmental) and the Students.
  • Overall efficiencies for maintaining this service (e.g. time, costs and staff time) will meet or exceed the current student printing environment.


The following deliverables or tasks are in scope for this project:

  • Student feedback on the printing service
  • Creation of Printer quality and service benchmarks for the Vendor
  • Pilot is limited to a Student printing solution.
  • Pilot will be limited to only one vendor (to test viability of the process).
  • Vendor will set up a limited number of print stations at pre-determined customer sites.
  • UT will develop the testing criteria which will be approved by the vendor prior to the Pilot execution.
  • Student Billing for printer services (the actual workflow has not been determined at this time.)
  • Departmental stipends/allowances for student printing based on the department parameters.
  • Printer quality, service, billing, support for our students will meet and exceed the current service.
  • Vendor will be responsible for reporting Pilot results.
  • Vendor will be responsible for the delivery, support and service of all equipment placed at UT Austin.
  • UT Staff support to complete the Student Printing Pilot
  • Vendor staff support to complete the Student Printing Pilot

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