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Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)


The Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) distributes all calls to a published number among your individual agents. Agents within your department can log in to the UCD by pressing an assigned key or dialing an access code on their telephone. The UCD forwards calls only to agents who are logged in and assigns the next incoming call to the agent who has been idle the longest. This service is generally used for customer service centers, order departments, help desks, or anywhere a large volume of calls to a single number needs to be distributed among multiple live agents.

For ordering or billing questions, contact the Telephone Service Business Office at (512) 471-5800 or

For technical assistance with UCD parameters or for agent access to a UCD, contact the Assignment Office at (512) 471-7800 or


  • If all agents are busy, the caller can be placed in queue for the next available agent
  • Callers can hear a pre-recorded announcement(s) when entering the queue, or listen to the university's "on hold" music while in the queue if selected (additional charge for each department recorded announcements, with a maximum of 14 seconds per announcement)
  • Callers can be forwarded to a voice mail box (additional charge for a new mail box and virtual line) or to another phone when all attendants are busy, logged out, or when the queue is full
  • Callers can also hear a busy signal when all attendants are busy if no forwarding treatments are selected
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly email reports that include the number of incoming calls, number of calls answered, number of calls deflected (busy), and number of calls abandoned by caller are also available (additional charge)


Service Charge
Installation (one-time charge): $46.00 plus $23.00 work order charge
Published UCD telephone number: $0.50 per month
UCD Announcement (optional): No installation fee. Announcement is $2 per second per month, with a maximum of 14 seconds per announcement.
Daily Report (optional): No installation fee. Report is $23 per month.

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