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University Data Center

Move Planning Framework

ITS University Data Centers uses a standard planning framework to accomplish each customer move. Validated during over a dozen moves, the framework ensures a consistent approach and professional execution for every move event.



  • Meeting Date:
  • Co-location Estimate:
  • Moving company estimate, if needed
  • Customer and ITS Signoff

Set up planning wiki, documentation - UDC

Inventory and Validation


  • Physical inspection of equipment and data collection - Faciliities, UDC, Networking, Customer
  • Review and validate spreadsheet - Customer
  • Ensure inventory is properly inventory tagged and information is up-to-date - Customer
  • Physically label all devices moving to UDC with move tags - Faciliities
  • Discuss future state/lifecycle - Customer
    • Virtualization, use of central services, maintenance, lifecycle, adding devices
    • Future growth in the data center
  • Complete network spreadsheet (VLAN, ACLs, Network and Mgmt connections) - Customer
  • Model equipment in Rackwise - Rackwise team
  • Review and validate rack elevations - Customer, Faciliities, Networking

Pre-move Assessment


  • Discuss readiness of equipment against UDC system standard - Everybody
  • Identify services running on devices, up- and downstream dependencies - Customer
  • Identify differences in rails, power cord and cable lengths - Facilities
  • Identify rear-mounted and reverse mounted items - Facilities
    • Evaluate for airflow
    • Evaluate for network cable routing

Move Preparation -- LOGISTICS


  • Identify possible move windows - Customer
  • Constraints (schedule, resources, technical limitations) - Customer, UDC
    • Networking maintenance windows
    • Holidays
    • Service availability requirements
    • Etc.
  • Select move date(s)/time(s) - Customer, UDC
  • Schedule mover, if using 3rd party - UDC
  • Define move success factors and move-day acceptance requirements - Customer
  • Customer signoff



  • Spares available
  • Business continuity requirements
  • Warranty status of all equipment
  • Service availability requirements (SLA, maximum downtime)
  • Data backups, last full restoration from backup
  • Risk mitigation and backout plan
  • Insurance requirements

Move Preparation -- PLAYBOOK


  • Tabletop exercise: service and system shutdown and restoration - Customer, UDC, Networking
    • Duration
    • Activities and proper sequence
    • Staffing requirements
    • Customer impacts
    • Upstream/downstream service impacts
    • Validation and acceptance criteria
  • Create playbook - UDC
  • Validate playbook - All
  • Provide staffing list, contact information - All

Move Preparation -- PHYSICAL


  • Schedule pre-move HARDWARE activities - Customer
    • Cycle power
    • Shut down and bring up
    • Adds/moves/changes (e.g., install power supplies, DRACs, etc.)
  • Schedule pre-move CONFIGURATION activities - Customer, Networking
    • Resolve VLAN conflicts
    • Document as-is and to-be physical connections
    • Document Zenoss monitoring
  • Stage power cords - Facilities
  • Validate rails - Facilities
  • Configure network - Networking
  • Test network ports - Networking
  • Identify pre-energized ports and device power-up sequence - Customer
  • Document special accessories (e.g., license dongles, adapters, interconnects) - UDC

Move Preparation -- STAFF

STATUS: Not Started

  • Review schedule, communications and logistics - Customers + Move Team
    • Meeting Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • Signoff meeting - Customer Business Owners + All CIO staff
    • Meeting Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • Complete Move Documentation Checklist
  • Schedule food, if necessary
  • Schedule daily calls a week ahead of the move to deal with punchlist items
  • System Administrators complete Access Request form ([])

Post Move


  • Add customers to mailing lists
  • Customer satisfaction survey

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