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University Data Center

Data Center Updates

This email list provides periodic updates about what's going on at the University Data Center (UDC). It is open to anyone at the university with an interest in the data center, and all customers have been automatically subscribed. To subscribe or update your subscription, please visit the UT Lists page.

February 2015

Campus Wide Power Outage

On February 17, 2015, The University of Texas at Austin experienced an electrical disruption affecting the entire campus for approximately 2 hours. The primary data center UDC-C and network operations centers both went on generator as designed and no power loss to systems within occurred. The backup data center UDC-B was maintained throughout the outage by UPS power. We at UDC are very proud to operate and maintain an environment that protects our customers’ critical and sensitive data from such events.

Hardware Replacement Made Easier

The UDC is pleased to offer improved support for customers to manage hardware replacement, from RAM and hard drives to surplussing servers. The UDC can:

  • Receive new equipment directly from shippers.
  • Return to vendors equipment swapped under return material authorizations.
  • Ensure sensitive data is removed from hard drives using our degausser prior to the drives leaving the facility.
  • Facilitate servers going to Surplus, including hard drive destruction and pickup by Surplus.
  • Coordinate with inventory contacts for appropriate tagging and updating of inventory information.

The hard drive destruction service uses the same vendor that supports the Hard Drive Destruction service available at the Flawn Academic Center (FAC) for the rest of campus.

More Hardware News

Dell offers two standard rack mount server configurations for UT Austin at discounted prices, available through the UT Market. Each model meets the UDC systems standards. Find out more on the UDC wiki.


Tours of the University Data Center (UDC) are available for UT Austin faculty and staff on the third Friday of each month from 9-10 a.m.

To schedule a tour, submit a request to

Customer Highlights

We are pleased to welcome these new customers in 2014-15.

  • Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
  • School of Human Ecology
  • Construction Industry Institute
  • Briscoe Center for American History
  • Department of Rhetoric & Writing
  • University Unions
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
  • Weinberg Theory Group
  • High Energy Physics
  • Biological Sciences

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