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Virtual Servers


UT Virtual Machine Gateway (UT-VMG) provides cost-effective, reliable, self-provisioned Virtual Machines (VM) based on the VMware vSphere Virtual Infrastructure suite and vRealize Automation product. UT-VMG is intended to serve departments, colleges, and research units at The University of Texas at Austin with the benefits of server virtualization, including improved server reliability and availability, easier web-based VM administration, lower total operational cost, and smaller carbon footprint through more efficient utilization of physical servers.

Request VM Self Service Click here to request a Provisioning Group in the UT-VMG environment to start self-provisioning VMs for your department, college, or unit.

Request a VM Click here to request a virtual machine (VM).

Web Hosting Servers High-Performance Computing
Application Servers High-Performance Database
Test and Development Servers Servers that require OS-level clustering


  • Lower capital costs for Customers by reducing need for IT infrastructure purchases.
  • Customers can use the UT-VMG Cost Estimator to calculate the expected rate for your VM.
  • Enterprise scale virtual service infrastructure, including:
    • Proactive maintenance of all necessary infrastructure components including physical servers, networking, storage, VMware management software.
    • UT-VMG is housed in secure University Data Centers to take full advantage of redundant power, cooling, and state of the art facility support.
    • Redundant Ethernet connections to network in full compliance with University Data Center dual networking failover (LACP) guidelines.
    • Reduced downtime for physical infrastructure maintenance.
  • Customers retain system administration of their UT-VMG VMs.
  • Add-on Features:
    • Additional storage is available in 1GB increments at extra cost.
    • UT-VMG backup and restore interface gives users the ability to manage VM and file-level restores. UT-VMG File and VM Restore.
    • Standards-based systems administration for a UT-VMG VM is available from ITS Managed Server Support as a fee-for-service.
  • VM self-service and self-management for VM owners.
  • UT-V saves significant power - approximately 6570 kWh per year per virtualized server
Green Leaf Denotes a Green IT feature. Learn more about Green IT.


2015-2016 Year Pricing

Option Specifications Cost/Year
Memory 1GB. See Notes on Provisioning $59
1 vCPU per virtual machine. Additional vCPUs available. See Notes on Provisioning $0
High Performance Storage (Tier 1) 1GB $1.12/GB
Mid-Tier Performance Storage (Tier 2) 1GB $0.17/GB
Backup Storage 1GB Increments. See Notes on Provisioning $0.09/GB
Backup License One-time per VM per year $11.00

You can use the UT-V Cost Estimator to calculate the expected rate for your VM.

Configuration Examples

Customer Configuration Cost/Year
Windows VM with 4GB vRAM $236
100GB High Performance Storage (Tier 1) and $112
250GB Mid-Tier Performance Storage (Tier 2) $42.50
TOTAL $390.50
Windows VM with 8GB vRAM $472
35GB High Performance Storage (Tier 1) and $39.20
250GB Mid-Tier Performance Storage (Tier 2) $42.50
TOTAL $553.70
Linux VM with 1GB vRAM and $59
40GB High Performance Storage (Tier 1) $44.80
TOTAL $103.80

Notes on Provisioning

Please see the Notes on Provisioning section of the UT-V Polices page for more information.

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