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Law and Philosophy Program at Texas 2014-15


LPP sponsors a number of workshops and lectures throughout the year.  A series of six workshops is regularly offered in the fall.  Each spring LPP hosts the Leon Green '15 Lecture in Jurisprudence.  Our visitors over the past several years have included Marcia Baron (Indiana), Dan Brock (Harvard), Jules Coleman (Yale), David Dolinko (UCLA), John Gardner (Oxford), Leslie Green (Oxford), Frances Kamm (Harvard), Nicola Lacey (Oxford), Liam Murphy (NYU), Richard Posner (Chicago), Joseph Raz (Oxford and Columbia), Scott Shapiro (Yale), Hillel Steiner (Manchester), Jeremy Waldron (NYU), Jonathan Wolff (London), and Kent Greenawalt (Columbia).  The workshops for this fall will be given by Michael Moore (Illinois/Urbana), Andrei Marmor (USC), Thomas Pogge (Yale), Carol Steiker (Harvard), Walter Sinnot-Armstrong (Duke), Kenneth Levy (LSU), and Kit Wellman (Washington University).