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International Programs

The School of Law is proud to offer various international programs to UT's J.D. students

In accordance with paragraph I.A.3 of the American Bar Association's Criteria for Student Study at a foreign Institution and amended March 2014, The University of Texas at Austin School of Law sets forth the following objective for student studying abroad and receiving J.D. credit:

The University of Texas School of Law recognizes the value of an international component to legal education. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected very few legal issues are exclusively domestic. Exposure to different legal systems equips student with the skills they need to recognize and handle the complexity of international legal issues. Further, exposure to foreign culture and languages deepens students' personal development and trains lawyers that are better able to handle clients of all background, in addition, law students deepen their understanding of United States law by comparing it to different legal systems.

J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree Programs

Students can earn their J.D. in conjunction with a foreign Law degree at an international law school in a total of three and a half to four years. Students will spend their 3L year abroad and will be eligible to receive a degree from the foreign institution upon successfully completing the foreign degree requirements. Students will submit the same credits to the ISP office for credit conversion toward their University of Texas School of Law J.D. degree.

Semester Abroad Programs

Students can travel all over the world to learn about foreign legal systems, gain specialized expertise in areas of law while attending prestigious law schools. UT Law students may attend English instruction or after providing language proficiency may study in a foreign language. Students will spend the fall semester of their 3L year abroad. Students will receive credit toward their J.D. upon successfully completing courses abroad and submitting foreign credit to the ISP office for credit conversion toward their University of Texas School of Law J.D. degree.

English Spanish (proficiency for language programs are 2nd year college level) Portuguese (proficiency for language programs are 2nd year college level)

AD HOC Programs

The Texas Law Graduate and International Programs will consider a very small percentage of AD Hoc programs each fall semester. Offer a compelling reason to study at a foreign law school not offered on our exchange program and UT law students will be considered for a course of study at any law school in the world. However, with a student-initiated program, students themselves must complete most of the required research and paperwork. In recent years, UT law students have studied at a wide range of foreign law schools, including schools in Mexico City, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Rome, Hong Kong and Beijing.

Transfer students awarded two residency semesters at entrance are not eligible to participate in these international exchange programs.

Students may apply for financial aid for each of these programs. If you have questions about any of our programs e-mail us at

global assist

Global A$$ist is a single application for all available scholarships. Students complete a profile that interacts with the scholarship database and matches students with funding sources, contacts their references and attaches their transcripts.

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