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Visiting Scholars at the University of Texas School of Law

The University of Texas School of Law's Visiting Scholar Program provides an opportunity for legal scholars, jurists, lawyers, legal officials, and post-graduate students from across the country and around the world to further their studies supported by the resources of a world-class law school and law library. Visiting Scholars benefit from an accommodating setting in which to pursue their research, featuring the extensive legal resources of the Tarlton Law Library, access to other visitors, faculty, and academic events, and an overall intellectual atmosphere that encourages investigation and expression of the full range of legal thought and opinion.

Visiting Scholars engage in independent legal research projects under the sponsorship of a member of the UT law faculty. Most Visiting Scholars are members of law faculties or PhD students at schools outside the US, although judges, legal officials, and faculty and post-graduate students from a range of other disciplines have also participated in the program.

In addition to access to and reference support in using the extraordinary resources—print and electronic—of the Tarlton Law Library, Visiting Scholars have access to the information resources of the University of Texas at Austin. The UT Libraries collections are housed in 17 libraries across campus and offer an overall collection of more than 8 million volumes and unsurpassed electronic resources. Visiting Scholars are provided with a dedicated carrel or shared office space (if available) in the Tarlton Law Library, and will have network access and passwords for using electronic resources.

While in residence, Visiting Scholars are encouraged to attend law school public events such as lectures and speaker series and, depending on space available, may be invited to participate in seminars, colloquia, and other activities. Visiting Scholars may audit classes, in compliance with University policy and with permission of the faculty member teaching the class.

Visiting Scholars come for a specified period of time, from a month to a full academic year. Most Visiting Scholars stay for either a semester or an academic year; in all cases, the length of the visit and the specific dates of the visit must be mutually agreed upon between the visitor and the law school in advance. Visiting Scholars who wish to stay longer than one year can make a request to renew their status for a maximum visit of two years. Space for Visiting Scholars is limited and the application process is competitive.

Faculty Sponsors

All Visiting Scholars must have a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor is responsible for assisting in the integration of the Visiting Scholar into the law school community, including welcoming the visitor on arrival and introducing him or her to other faculty members. Sponsors are not expected to serve as mentors or advisors, although some will assume this role. The exact nature of the relationship between a Visiting Scholar and his or her faculty sponsor must be agreed upon before the visit begins.

Potential Visiting Scholars who do not have a pre-existing relationship with a UT law faculty member should not contact a faculty member directly to request sponsorship. Instead, the committee will identify interested and available faculty members, from among the full-time faculty, if any, during the application process. In their research statement, applicants may indicate one or more particular faculty member(s) who might be an appropriate sponsor.

Application Process

The educational background and experience of applicants, their scholarly and professional achievements, institutional affiliations, and English language skills will factor into the decision to offer a Visiting Scholar position. These criteria will be reflected in the application materials.

An application for a Visiting Scholar position at the UT Law School consists of the following information:

Non-US residents may be required to obtain a visa. Once accepted as a Visiting Scholar, information on visas will be provided.

Apply to:

Visiting Scholar Committee
attn.: Ms. Frances Chih
University of Texas School of Law
727 E. Dean Keeton Street
Austin, TX 78705


Applications for a Visiting Scholar position are accepted two times during the year. Applications for those who wish to arrive for a complete academic year (August to May) or the fall semester (August to December) must be received by March 1 of the same year. Applications for those who wish to arrive for the spring term (January to May) must be received by Aug. 31of the previous year.

Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Visiting Scholars are generally not accepted for summer terms only.


The fee for a Visiting Scholar is $2,500 per academic year, or $1,500 per semester or part of a semester. Fees will not be waived.