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The Master of Laws Program

Concentration in Intellectual Property

The concentration in intellectual property allows students to study the range of laws that grant rights to intellectual productions such as ideas, inventions, and writings through patent, copyright, and trademark protection. Students have the opportunity to take both basic and advanced courses.

This concentration is designed for students with a foreign law degree. The Law School will consider, on an ad hoc basis, an application from a student with a J.D. and little background in this area.

General Requirements (must complete a total of 24 credits)

  • A three-credit writing seminar, or a two-credit directed research project (with a 30-page paper) in a related area.
  • Introduction to U.S. Law (This course is required for students with a foreign law degree. Foreign students with a background of common law study may request a waiver of this requirement.)

Tier #1 (must complete two courses, 6 credits)

  • Intellectual Property, Intro
  • Patent Law
  • Copyright (Advanced Topics)
  • Trademark & Unfair Competition

Tier #2 (must complete 7 credits)

  • Enterprise of Technology
  • Music Law
  • Patent Law, Advanced
  • Green Technology Law & Policy
  • Theories of intellecutal Property