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Office of Accounting - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Office Depot awarded so many office supply orders?

A. In the spring of 2003, The University contracted with Office Depot, as a cost saving measure, to exclusively furnish it's office supplies. The School of Law Procurement Office is committed to that effort.

Q. Since UT is trying to  avoid  using SSN's as identifiers, is it necessary to include the SSN on the Request for Travel?

A. Yes. Until the changeover is complete, it is the only valid identifier for the individual.  To comply with Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. Sec. 403.055 (Vernon Supp. 1992), the State Comptroller requires a person’s SSN to set up a vendor. If the person does not have an SSN because they are not a US citizen, you can request a temporary number when processing the RTA.

Q. When are RTA's needed?

A. Prior approval for all business travel is required for absences from the campus for periods of half a day or more during the normal working period, whether or not there is a cost to The University. If charges, such as airfare are to be centrally billed, the RTA provides the authorization to charge the specified account.

Q. When are student time sheets due?

A. Semi-monthly pay periods end on the 15th and the last day of each month. Timesheets are due by noon on the next following work day unless holiday schedules require a due date change. Deadline information sheets are available in the Law School Accounting Office, room 4.105.

Q. Does the Law School Accounting Office have a deposit deadline?

A. Yes, deposits must be submitted on a daily basis in room 4.105 before 3:00p.m. Law School Accounting will not accept deposits after 3:00p.m.

Q. What is proof of payment for a reimbursement?

A. Proof of payment is required when requesting reimbursement. Proof of payment is defined as an itemized receipt, original canceled check or copy (front and back required), or the credit card statement showing payment.