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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an alumnus who has had a distinguished legal career.

Terry O. Tottenham 2014
The Honorable Robert M. Parker 2013
Daniel C. Arnold 2012
The Honorable Sam Sparks 2011
Mark L. Hart, Jr. 2010
George C. Chapman 2009
Jonathan S. Day 2008
Rush H. Record 2007
W. Howard Wolf 2006
James B. Sales 2005
Bernard O. Dow 2004
E. William Barnett 2003
J. Mark McLaughlin 2002
The Honorable Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. 2001
Charles Alan Wright 2000
The Honorable Barefoot Sanders 1999
Wales H. Madden, Jr. 1998
The Honorable John L. Hill, Jr. 1997
Elton M. Hyder 1996
Joyce Burg 1995
The Honorable Jerre S. Williams 1994
C. Chris Marshall 1993
George E. Seay 1992