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2L Career Planning Timeline

The fall interviewing season has begun. Some of you will be participating in job fairs, On-Campus Interviews (OCI), and other recruitment opportunities. These programs should be only part of a larger job search strategy that includes visiting our online job bank, preparing targeted mailings, conducting informational interviews with UT Law mentors, and attending CSO panels to network with practitioners. We encourage each of you to drop by the CSO (TNH 3.130) to use our Resource Library and/or schedule an appointment with one of our career counselors.

Please be sure to read your weekly CSO Law Mail each week and the CSO Blog (sign up to the RSS feed) as we will be sending you information about upcoming panels and receptions, job opportunities, and other networking and career information.

Whether you are interested in working in a law firm, government agency, public service organization, corporation, court, or an alternative field, the CSO is here to assist you with your job search.

Summer Timeline for Rising 2Ls

  • Update your UT Law Symplicity profile, including your email address, if needed.
  • Check your email over the summer as we will be sending you announcements about upcoming jobs fairs and Fall OCI as most of the application deadlines occur during the summer.
  • Produce strong writing samples and develop your legal skills through summer work.
  • Establish enduring professional relationships.
  • Keep a detailed file of everything you work on.
  • Evaluate whether your work or volunteer experience fits with your interests, values, personality and skills.
  • Request a reference from your supervisor upon leaving your clerkship or internship.
  • Update your resume, cover letter, references and writing sample. You may submit your materials for review prior to the application/bidding periods for off-campus job fairs and Fall OCI.
  • Upload these application materials, as well as a current copy of your transcript (using the CSO Transcript Generator), onto UT Law Symplicity.

Fall Timeline for 2Ls

  • Complete your Summer Clerkship Evaluation on UT Law Symplicity.
  • Update your resume to reflect summer employment. Be sure to upload it onto UT Law Symplicity.
  • Join UT Law student organizations that share your career interests.
  • Sign up for the Public Service Listserv to learn more about public service opportunities.
  • Sign up for the Judicial Clerkship Listserv if you think you may be interested in clerking as you will need to start the application process during the spring of your second year.
  • Participate in Fall OCI or off-campus job fairs.
  • Check the job bank on UT Law Symplicity. Many employers who are unable to participate in Fall OCI will post summer clerkships and postgraduate positions.
  • Attend CSO panels and workshops. You may RSVP on UT Law Symplicity by selecting the "Events" tab.
  • In September, attend Public Service Speed Networking & Table Talk if you are interested in a career in public service.
  • Attend the Cocktails & Conversation Mentor Reception to network with UT Law alumni and friends.You may RSVP on UT Law Symplicity by selecting the "Events" tab.
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor if you would like to review your career and job search plan.

Spring Timeline for 2Ls

  • Attend CSO panels and workshops. You may RSVP on UT Law Symplicity by selecting the "Events" tab.
  • Judicial clerkship applicants should prepare their application materials and provide a list of judges to the clerkship advisors as well as recommenders. Register on the online Clerkship Application Manager if you wish to participate in the Centralized Mail Out.
  • If you have received an offer to work in the public service sector during the summer, apply for a Texas Law Fellowship.
  • Apply for nonprofit/government or judicial internships for which you can receive academic credit.
  • Participate in Public Service Career Fair, Spring OCI, or off-campus job fairs.
  • Check the job bank on UT Law Symplicity or other resources on the CSO website – set up a job search agent if needed.
  • If you have accepted summer employment, be sure to notify us during the CSO Study Break or complete your summer placement form on UT Law Symplicity.
  • If applying for judicial clerkships, be sure to ask professors for letters of recommendation before classes end. Begin preparing your judges list and meet with a faculty clerkship advisor to discuss your list.
  • Utilize the NALP Online Apartment Exchange if you need housing in another city during the summer.

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