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Job Bank on UT Law Symplicity

The Job Bank on UT Law Symplicity is available to UT Law students and alumni only. To learn more about how to use the Job Bank, including creating customized search agents, please refer to the Job Bank Reference Guide.

  • Students and recent graduates can access the Job Bank using their current Symplicity account. If you have forgotten your password, please select “Forgot Password” on UT Law Symplicity to reset it.
  • Alumni who graduated prior to December 2008 and/or have a UT Law Symplicity account that is inactive (or have forgotten your username), must submit an online request via TxShop to request access. Upon verification of your alumni status, a login and password to the UT Law Symplicity student/alumni portal will be sent to you via email. Please allow up to two business days to process.

The American Bar Association prohibits students from working more than 20 hours a week in any semester in which they are enrolled for 12 credit hours or more.  All questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Student Affairs Office.

Note about document limitation on UT Law Symplicity

UT Law Symplicity allows users to upload up to 10 documents at a time. For those who will be attaching a variety of documents to job bank applications, please note that once you've attached a document to an application, UT Law Symplicity saves a copy of the document to the application itself. Therefore, once you've applied to an employer with any one document, you can go back to the "Documents" section and delete that document in order to upload another document for a separate application.