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Qualifying Projects

Projects must conform to the Richard and Ginni Mithoff Pro Bono Program requirements to be eligible for recognition. Pro bono projects must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Projects must be law-related;
  • Students may not receive any type of academic credit for pro bono work;
  • Students and pro bono host organizations may not receive compensation for pro bono work; and
  • Pro bono projects must be supervised by a licensed attorney.

Volunteer legal work that is required as part of a research assistantship, directed study, clinic, or journal is ineligible for pro bono recognition. Legal work performed to fulfill the requirements of a stipend program, such as the Baron & Budd scholarship, is also ineligible for pro bono recognition.

Examples of pro bono projects:

  • Volunteering with a not-for-profit legal services organization
  • Working on pro bono cases at a private firm, provided that neither the student nor the firm receives compensation
  • Translation or interpretation for pro bono clients
  • Participation in StreetLaw or Youth Court programs
  • Performing supervised research on access to justice issues 
  • Poll monitoring or legal observing

Students wishing to perform pro bono projects that do not conform to the requirements should schedule a meeting with the Pro Bono Director to discuss their project proposal.