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Environmental Clinic

Student Experience

“The Environmental Clinic was also a great opportunity to practice the foundational teachings of law school, solidify my slim knowledge of certain environmental law issues, gain new insights into the subject, and develop a better understanding of what I want to do after school.”
—Kristine Baumstark, Fall ’13

“Quite simply, the environmental clinic was fantastic.  The clinic solidified many of the abstract concepts of law school by allowing me to practice them in the real world.  Plus, working with actual clients, for whom my work resulted in tangible benefits, was extremely motivating and rewarding.”
—Nick Ybarra, Spring ’11

“I was a LL.M. student, which means that I already had a law degree in Brazil. I practiced environmental law in Brazil and I hoped that my experience in the Environmental Law Clinic would allow me to better understand the differences and similarities between the legal systems in Brazil and the US. The Clinic gave much more than that: besides allowing me to have a deeper understanding of the Clean Air Act, it also provided me with the opportunity to interact with J.D. students which, in turn, gave me a much more realistic idea about American society. My experience in the Clinic was, by far, the most relevant one during my LL.M. year and one that I recommend to J.D.s and LL.M.s.”
—Roberta Borges, LLM student Spring ’11

“The Environmental Clinic was a hugely rewarding experience. Professor Haragan takes a real interest in the development of her students, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with her.  I had only a limited background in environmental law prior to enrolling in the Clinic, and was surprised at the wide range of subjects it involves.  In addition to performing traditional legal research and writing related to environmental lawsuits, I had the opportunity to gain experience in social justice issues such as community development in colonias along the border, and legislative issues involving zoning regulations in the Hill County.  The breadth of experience I gained in the Clinic is truly rare, and I would certainly recommend the program to anyone with any interest in environmental or social justice issues.”
—George Vallas, Spring ’11

“The environmental clinic gave me a chance to hear from respected attorneys in all areas of environmental practice; from government to nonprofit to a firm dedicated solely to environmental issues. It opened my eyes to the opportunities available for those who wish to improve the environment and gave me hands-on experience in doing just that.”
—Annie Kellough, Fall ’08

“Through the environmental clinic, I was able to gain practical experience and receive a glimpse of the different practice areas of environmental law.  We had the opportunity to conduct a research project that had a direct influence on a bill presented at the Texas Legislature. The skills I gained through my work with the clinic will allow me to hit the ground running after law school.”
—Jill Hoffman, Fall ’08

“Working in the environmental clinic gave me the sort of hands on experience that cannot be found in other law school classes. A clinic is a great practical complement to the law school coursework.”
—Ade Shelley, Fall ’08

“Although the classes I had my first year were outstanding classes - rigorous, intellectually engaging, and taught by wonderful professors - there is nothing like having the chance to actually put the knowledge gained in these classes to work. And there is nothing more fulfilling than putting the knowledge gained in these classes to work for positive ends by advocating on behalf of people lacking a strong voice in the legal system.”
—Environmental Clinic Student, Fall ’05