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Clinical Education at UT Law

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Housing Clinic

Student Experience

Ruth Rosenthal with Clinic Client
Clinical student Ruth Rosenthal (right) with her client following a negotiation session with an apartment manager. Ruth successfully negotiated a number of issues as a result of which the client's rent was reduced, threatened eviction dropped, client retained apartment, and playground area for children expanded.

“The Housing Clinic was an incredible learning experience for me.  During the semester I had the opportunity to litigate an eviction case from start to finish.  My client, who had a cognitive disability as a result of several severe strokes, was being evicted from his subsidized housing.  I represented him in Justice Court and wrote and filed all of the pretrial motions, the answer, the requests for discovery, the pleas in abatement, and a trial brief.  I saw the case to completion when I argued the entire case, including the direct and cross-examination.  The opposing counsel was a well-respected and skilled litigator so the experience was unmatched.  Of course, the very best part was that we prevailed in court and my client got to stay in his apartment.  Not only did the Housing Clinic provide me with a chance to practice real legal skills; it also made a profound difference in my client’s life.    
“Beyond the great work I got to do in the Clinic, the opportunity to work with Fred Fuchs was truly a life-changing experience.  Fred is an incredible role model for aspiring attorneys.  Not only is he among the most knowledgeable housing attorneys in the country, he is a meticulous and deeply ethical attorney.  Fred does not put up with sloppy lawyering.  He had high expectations of clinic students and these expectations instilled in me a conviction to always produce excellent work.  He encourages students to work independently, but provides careful and helpful feedback.  During my current clerkship, I have often asked myself, “What would Fred Fuchs do?”  It’s a question more attorneys should probably ask themselves.  Law students have a tremendous opportunity to get to work with Fred Fuchs and I encourage all law students to take it.”
—Lia Davis, ’11

“I so enjoyed the Housing Clinic, and the biggest lesson I learned was that of client advocacy. It wasn't that I had some specialized knowledge about housing law; I simply gave my client 5 minutes that no one else would give them.  It just took five minutes to speak to clients and hear their story to figure out what needed to be done. My five minutes helped clients remain in their homes, the simplest of necessities.  I felt proud of the work I did.  This was due in large part to Fred Fuchs, a great supervisor and mostly importantly a great mentor.”
—Michelle Rojas, ’11

“The Housing Clinic was a tremendously rewarding experience and one of my best in law school. I was amazed by the impact my work had in clients’ lives. For many of the clients, the Clinic does more than defend against evictions: it prevents homelessness. Fred is a fantastic supervising attorney and more than lives up to his reputation as a living legend in low-income housing.”
—Shirley Horng, ’07

“The Housing Clinic was a great experience. Having cases assigned to you gives you the opportunity to personally interact with the people in whose lives you are making a difference.”
—Matthew C. Blackstock, ’07