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Juvenile Justice Clinic

Student Experience

“The study of law and the practice of law are very different, and I think that the Juvenile Justice Clinic was one of my most valuable experiences in law school specifically because it facilitates the transition from the study to the practice of law.  At the start of the Clinic, it was unclear what to do, where to do it, and how to do it most effectively.  However, with the help and guidance of the faculty, I finished the semester working up cases from open to close in comfort and with confidence.  Aside from that, the Juvenile Justice Clinic was particularly intellectually engaging because it really challenged some of my fundamental assumptions and beliefs about how juvenile justice should--and actually does--function.”
—Tully Minoski, ’10

“The Juvenile Justice Clinic taught me the crucial importance of patience and persistence as an advocate.  While at times it was frustrating to work with clients as they continued to make mistakes, it was worth the effort when I won a child the right to remain at home with his family and in his community.  Learning to persevere as an advocate, when even my client wasn’t convinced the court would find in his or her favor, affirmed my confidence in the court’s ability to make just decisions for the people it serves.”
—Susannah Volpe, ’11

“The clinic was a very valuable experience for me because it allowed me to gain exposure to all aspects of working up a case—from the initial client interview, to investigation, to advising the client regarding a plan, to actually implementing that plan. After being given that much responsibility, I think I will be much better prepared to start practicing. I also appreciated the chance to work under supervising attorneys and learn from their experience.”
—Clay Fulghum, ’08

“Throughout law school, you learn about the law. If you clerk during the summer, you research and write about the law. In this clinic, you get a chance to really practice the law. I not only practiced the law but I also felt like I made a difference in my client’s life.”
—Albert Torres, ’03