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Clinical Education at UT Law

Real Cases. Real Experience.

Mediation Clinic

Student Experience

“Unlike other clinic opportunities, in the Mediation Clinic both parties often end their experience happy with the process and the outcome.   After one of my mediations, both parties even went out to dinner together.   Student mediators facilitate a dialogue between the parties and encourage a solution that truly addresses their issues. These outcomes would often be unobtainable in the traditional court system. The Mediation Clinic is one of the few courses offered at UT Law that allows students to remove themselves from an adversarial mindset to one of problem-solving.”
—LaNae Banks, ’10

“The most memorable experience I had in the Mediation Clinic involved parties who started out as friends, entered into a business relationship, and ended their friendship over a dispute about less than $2000. These people had children that were in the same kindergarten class and invited one another for barbecues and family gatherings. After a bad experience where one party did some bookkeeping work for another, and the other party ended up being audited by the IRS, these two people wanted to haul each other into court to settle what one party claimed was an unpaid invoice.  Many of the cases I came across involved people who ruined their friendships over money or business-related issues. The Clinic taught me a great deal about how people handle conflict and identified the emotional core at the center of many lawsuits.”
—Kim Moss, ’10

“Clinical programs give students a chance to transfer lessons from the classroom to real people and actual problems. There’s no substitute for this applied learning experience. Through the sharing of information with fellow students, the clinic director, and ‘clients,’ a dynamic and collaborative learning experience emerges. My experience co-mediating cases with other students and learning how to handle a mediation from start to finish was one of the most fun and rewarding parts of my UT Law education. I think a clinical program is a must for every student’s law school experience.”
—Al Amado, ’07 LLM