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Classroom Evacuation

The classroom instructor is the senior representative of the Law School and they are responsible in implementing university policy and directives.

  1. Every member of the university community shall be familiar with the Emergency Evacuation Policy and understand his or her role in these emergency situations.
  2. In the event of a fire or other emergency, it may be necessary to evacuate a building rapidly. Upon the activation of a fire alarm or the announcement of an emergency in the Law School and Law Library, all occupants of the building are required to evacuate and assemble outside.
  3. If a "Lockdown" is announced, implement Lockdown procedures.
  4. Once evacuated, no one may re-enter the building without instruction to do so from the Austin Fire Department, University of Texas at Austin Police Department, or Fire Prevention Services office.
  5. UT Law School Faculty members are responsible for pointing out their classroom's building emergency evacuation routes and emergency procedures to students at the beginning of each semester.
  6. Furthermore, faculty, staff, and students should familiarize themselves with all the exit doors of each room and building they occupy at the university, and should remember that the nearest exit routes may not be the same as the way they typically enter buildings.
  7. As per University of Texas' policy, students requiring assistance in evacuation shall inform their instructors in writing during the first week of class. Faculty members must then provide this information to the Fire Prevention Services office by fax (512-232-2759).
  8. University Faculty and teaching staff members should be prepared to give appropriate instructions in the event of an evacuation. Students should follow the instructions of faculty members and class instructors during emergency evacuations.