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Charles M. Silver

  • Roy W. and Eugenia C. McDonald Endowed Chair in Civil Procedure; Professor of Government
  • Co-Director - Center on Lawyers, Civil Justice and the Media



  • Law of Class Actions and Other Aggregate Litigation (St. Paul: Foundation Press, 2nd ed. 2013) (with Richard Nagareda, Robert Bone, Elizabeth Burch, & Patrick Woolley).
  • Professional Responsibility of Insurance Defense Counsel (Newark: Matthew Bender 2012) (with William T. Barker).
  • Principles of the Law of Aggregate Litigation (St. Paul: American Law Institute Publishers, 2010) (associate reporter, with Samuel Issacharoff, reporter & Robert H. Klonoff & Richard A. Nagareda, associate reporters).
  • Special Project on the Professional Responsibilities of Insurance Defense Lawyers, Part 1: Full-Coverage Representations (International Association of Defense Counsel, 1995) (with Kent D. Syverud).


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  • Litigation Funding Versus Liability Insurance: What’s the Difference?, 63 DePaul Law Review 617 (2014).
  • What Can We Learn by Studying Lawyers’ Involvement in Multidistrict Litigation? A Comment on Williams, Lee, and Borden, Repeat Players in Federal Multidistrict Litigation [Symposium: The Public Life of Private Law: A Volume in Honor of Richard Nagareda], 5 Journal of Tort Law 181 (2012).
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