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Summer 2013 Migrations

Apple Mail Post Migration Process

Lauch Mail, then go to Mail > Preferences. This will display your accounts.

  1. Select your UT Exchange account and use the “-” button on the bottom left to delete it.

  2. Once it is deleted, use the “+” sign to create a new account

On the following page, enter your and your UT EID password in the blanks provided. Click Continue.

Apple Mail will automatically determine the correct server settings. On the Incoming Mail Server page, name the new account using the description field (perhaps “UT Law Email”). Select whether you would like OS X to also set up your Contacts and Calendars.

Warning: If you synchronize your contacts and calendar, your local contacts and calendar may be merged with the contacts and calendar on your Austin Exchange account (i.e. everyone else at UT).

Once you've selected the items you would like to sync, click Continue.

Note: Apple Mail may need to be closed and re-opened in order for all settings to fully take effect. This may be necessary if e-mail gets stuck in the Outbox or if new e-mail is not being received.