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Summer 2013 Migrations

E-mail Migration (6/26)

All mailboxes for the UT School of Law have now been migrated.

Accessing your E-mail through your On-Campus Desktop Computer

The first time you start up Outlook on your on-campus desktop computer, you will be prompted to login with your and UT EID password. For example, if your UT EID is jsmith, you would enter "". Detailed instructions can be found on the On-Campus Windows Outlook Desktop Post Migration Process page.

Note: If you are repeatedly prompted for your login information and are not able to proceed past Outlook's splash screen, please submit a help ticket.

Accessing your E-mail through Webmail

The URL for accessing your Webmail has changed. The new address is: Please update your bookmarks and/or shortcuts, as other addresses may stop working soon. If you need assistance with this step, please submit a help ticket.

Also, you will notice that the interface for Webmail has changed. For more information about how to use this new interface, go to Microsoft's Office 365 site.

If you have questions about using this new interface, please submit a help ticket.

Accessing your E-mail through Other Devices

If you access your e-mail from a laptop, mobile device, or if you use an Apple computer, you will need to delete and re-add your account as detailed in the Laptop, iPhone or iPad, Android, Apple Mail, Apple Outlook, and/or Windows Phone device instructions.

New Deleted Items Folder Behavior

On July 26, messages in your "Deleted Items" folder will be automatically removed if they are more than 30 days old. They cannot be recovered. Do not put anything into the Deleted Items folder unless you are certain you can live without it!

Other Notes

Your e-mail storage limit will increase from 2 to 25 GB.

If you have archived your e-mail in the past, you will need to reconnect to your archive folders (.pst files); see these instructions.