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CURRENT LOCATION: Publications - Latest Releases and News - SEPTEMBER 2005 THRU AUGUST 2006

September 1, 2005 thru August 31, 2006

What's New at University of Texas School of Law Publications

August, 2006

  • Blackacre Call For Papers (PDF) deadline September 9, 2006. 08/30/2006
  • Texas Law Review recent single issues now available by credit card purchase. 08/28/2006
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In Memoriam: Robert O. Dawson

Robert O. Dawson: Innovative Scholar, Teacher, and Public Servant, 1675
M. Michael Sharlot
Bob Dawson: The Law School's Stan Musial, 1681
Steven Goode

Symposium: Punishment Law and Policy
Foreword, 1687
Susan R. Klein and Jordan M. Steiker

I. Incarceration Revolution

Dismantling the Carceral State: The Future of Penal Policy Reform, 1693
Marie Gottschalk

From the Asylum to the Prison: Rethinking the Incarceration Revolution, 1751
Bernard E. Harcourt

Don't Blame Determinacy: U.S. Incarceration Growth Has Been Driven by Other Forces, 1787
Kevin R. Reitz

II. Death Penalty in Practice

Capital Punishment and Capital Murder: Market Share and the Deterrent Effects of the Death Penalty, 1803
Jeffrey Fagan, Franklin E. Zimring, and Amanda Geller

A Tale of Two Nations: Implementation of the Death Penalty in "Executing" Versus "Symbolic" States in the United States, 1869
Carol S. Steiker and Jordan M. Steiker

The Death Penalty's Future: Charting the Crosscurrents of Declining Death Sentences and the McVeigh Factor, 1929
Scott E. Sundby

III. Operation and Reform of Sentencing Guidelines

Delegating Punitive Power: The Political Economy of Sentencing Commission and Guideline Formation, 1973
Rachel E. Barkow and Kathleen M. O'Neill

Enhancing the Judicial Role in Criminal Plea and Sentence Bargaining, 2023
Susan R. Klein

Institutional Coordination and Sentencing Reform, 2055
Daniel Richman

IV. Modern Crime Control Mechanisms

What's Really Wrong with Shaming Sanctions, 2075
Dan M. Kahan

Criminal Law and the Pursuit of Equality, 2097
Donald Braman

Positively Punitive: How the Inventor of Scientific Criminology Who Died at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Continues to Haunt American Crime Control at the Beginning of the Twenty-first, 2135
Jonathan Simon

"Reason Not the Need": Does the Lack of Compelling State Interest in Maintaining a Separate Death Row Make It Unlawful?, 1
Andrea D. Lyon & Dr. Mark D. Cunningham
Reforming the Criminal Rap Sheet: Federal Timidity and the Traditional State Functions Doctrine, 31
Mary De Ming Fan

"If We Took Congress Seriously, We Would Be Worrying All the Time": Foreign Convictions as Predicate Offenses Under the "Any Court" Language of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), 73
Jonathan D. Estreich

July, 2006

Latino Focus

Dean Susana Alemán, 1
Victor Villarreal, Melissa M. Lopez & Adan Briones


An Overview of U.S. Immigration Law and Policy Since 9/11, 9
Barbara Hines

Broken Borders: DeCanas v. Bica, and the Standards that Govern the Validity of State Measures Designed to
Deter Undocumented Immigration, 31
Joshua J. Herndon

Sugar Wars: Dispute Settlement Under NAFTA and the WTO as Seen Through the Lens of the HFCS Case, and
Its Effects on U.S.-Mexican Relations, 121
Alice Vacek-Aranda


June, 2006

Interpreting Oil and Gas Instruments, 1
David E. Pierce
The Compression Of Natural Gas: Is it Production or Post Production? Is it Deductible From Royalties? If so, How Much?, 36
Jeffrey C. King
Remedies for Defrauded Purchasers of Oil and Gas Interests Under the Securities Laws, 51
Nelson S. Ebaugh

Note & Comment
The Columbia-Venezuela Maritime Boundary Case: Proposal for a Joint Development Zone in the Gulf of Venezuela, 67
Victoria VanBuren

Recent Developments: Texas, United States, and International Energy Law, 99
Foreword: Ernest E. Smith

May, 2006

Outside Director Liability Across Countries, 1385
Brian R. Cheffins and Bernard S. Black
The Myth of the Rational Borrower: Rationality, Behavioralism, and the Misguided "Reform" of Bankruptcy Law, 1481
Susan Block-Lieb and Edward J. Janger

Book Review
Recovering "From the State of Imbecility", 1567
Keith E. Whittington

Righteous Anger at the Wicked States: The Meaning of the Founder's Constitution

Where Everything Old is New Again-Enduring Episodic Discrimination Against Homosexual Persons, 1587
Edward L. Tulin
"Clear Eye for the State Guy": Clarifying Authority and Trusting Federalism to Increase Nonfederal Assistance with Immigration Enforcement, 1633
Laurel R. Boatright

Report on Contingent Fees in Class Action Litigation
Task Force on Contingent Fees, Torts Trial and Insurance
Practice Section of the American Bar Association
, 459

Dissent from Recommendations to Set Fees Ex Post, 497
Charles M. Silver

Review Essay
Using All Available Information
Stephen G. Breyer, Active Liberty: Interpreting our Democratic Constitution, 501
Max Huffman

A Gorilla at the Dinner Table: Partisan Judicial Elections in the United States, 529
Ryan L. Souders
The Forgotten Avenue of Reform: The Role of States in Electoral College Reform and the Use of Ballot Initiatives to Effect that Change, 575
David S. Wagner
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: An Examination of a "Costly" Right to Silence for Corporate Employees in Criminal Investigations, 603
T.H. Waters III

April, 2006

Foreword-and Forward!: Toward the Felicitous Relationship of Words and Ideas, 1
Professor Jane Manslow Cohen

Interviews, 13
Professor Olin Guy Welborn, III, 15
Dean William C. Powers, 23
Professor Philip Chase Bobbitt, 33

Outlines, 45
Professor Stanley M. Johanson, 47

Fiction, 51
The Price of a Chair, 53
Professor Julius Getman
On Trial, 67
Leah Taylor Trotter
Apolek, 75
Mark Hoogland
And What Profit, 83
Greg Koehler
The Well, 89
Meera George
Two Stories, 95
Ben Von Klemperer
Brane Creem, 109
Gale Hathcock
Little Porcelain Cats, 119
Michael Hostetler
History of a Man in Half an Hour, 125
Andy Lehman
Passing, 129
Nancy Jane Moore

Photography, 135

Poetry, 159
Five Poems, 161
Alissa Jones Zachery
Three Poems, 168
Erin Adina Opalek
Two Poems, 173
L. Keith Harvey
A Light in the Law School: A Tribute to Shel Silverstein, 175
Mary Conner
Three Poems, 176
Monica A. Jimenez
Two Poems, 179
Peter S. Poland
For Aunt Norma with Alzheimer's, 182
Linda Lee Aaker
Let's Not make the Great Dane's Mistake, 183
B. Suzanne Hassler

Non-Fiction, 185
Yes, I'm, 187
Professor Wayne Schiess
Why do lawyers write the way they do?, 191
Professory Terri LeClercq
Bringing back some classic legalese., 193
Professor Wayne Schiess
Maywood, 197
Professor David Anderson

The Court Against the Courts: Hostility to Litigation as an Organizing Theme in the Rehnquist Court's Jurisprudence, 1097
Andrew M. Siegel
The Commerce Power and Criminal Punishment: Presumption of Constitutionality or Presumption of Innocence?, 1203
Margaret H. Lemos

Book Review Essay
Seeing Beyond the Limits of International Law, 1265
Paul Schiff Berman

The Limits of International Law

Book Review
"Who Shall Interpret the Constitution?", 1307
Lee Epstein

Congress and the Constitution

Unflagging Television Piracy: How Piracy of Japanese Television Programming in East Asia Portends Failure for a U.S. Broadcast Flag, 1317
Karla S. Lambert
ERISA Preemption and MCO Liability: The Court's Search in Aetna Health Inc. v. Davila for Congress' Elusive Intent, 1347
Stacy Rogers Sharp


"Sinners Who Find Religion": Advancement of Litigation Expenses to Corporate Officials Accused of Wrongdoing, 251
Stephen A. Radin

Class Actions in Arbitration, 293
Fred Hagans & Jennifer B. Rustay

Managing Confidential Relationships in Intellectual Property Transactions: Use Restrictions, Residual Knowledge Clauses, and Trade Secrets, 311
Scott M. Kline & Matthew C. Floyd


The Qualified Immunity Quagmire in Public Employees' Section 1983 Free Speech Cases, 349
Anne Gasperini DeMarco

DeWitt Clauses: Can We Protect Purchasers Without Hurting Microsoft?, 387
Anthony G. Read

Interpreting the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction: Why American Courts Need to Reconcile the Rights of Non-Custodial Parents, the Best Interests of Abducted Children, and the Underlying Objectives of the Hague Convention, 423
Melissa S. Wills

An Evolutionary Perspective on Male Domestic Violence: Practical and Policy Implications, 291
Molly J. Walker Wilson
When Prosecutors Control Criminal Court Dockets: Dispatches on History and Policy from a Land Time Forgot, 325
Andrew M. Siegel

Who Decides Who Lives and Dies in the United States of America?, 381
Lucy Adams

March, 2006

  • Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal will only have 2 issues in Volume 14. 03/28/2006

Specific Performance Versus Damages for Breach of Contract: An Economic Analysis, 831
Steven Shavell
The Deep Structure of Law and Morality, 877
Robin Bradley Kar

Leon Green '15 Lecture in Jurisprudence
Analytical Jurisprudence Versus Descriptive Sociology Revisited, 945
Nicola Lacey

Book Review Essay
H.L.A. Hart and the Methodology of Jurisprudence, 983
Ian P. Farrell

A Life of H.L.A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream

Understanding Consumer Information Privacy in the Realm of Internet Commerce: Personhood and Pragmatism, Pop-Tarts and Six-Packs, 1013
David A. DeMarco
Good Technology and Bad Law: How Computerization Threatens Notice Filing Under Revised Article 9, 1065
Meghan M. Sercombe

February, 2006

Speech and Spatial Tactics, 581
Timothy Zick
Rescue Without Law: An Empirical Perspective on the Duty to Rescue, 653
David A. Hyman

Book Review Essay
The Legacy of Jim Crow: The Enduring Taboo of Black-White Romance, 739
Kevin R. Johnson

Dear Senator: A Memoir by the Daughter of Strom Thurmond
Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson

Do the Swift Boat Vets Need to MoveOn? The Role of 527s in Contemporary American Democracy
, 767
David M. Peterson
Rational Reviews, Irrational Results, 801
Neelum J. Wadhwani

Constitutionalism Through the Looking Glass of Latin America, 1
Miguel Schor
The Holy See, Historicity, and Humanitarian Intervention: Using Integrative Jurisprudence to Inform Contemporary Practice, 39
Jason Daniel Medinger
Corporate Militaries and States: Actors, Interactions, and Reactions, 67
Virginia Newell and Benedict Sheehy

Closing U.S. Courts to Foreign Seamen: The Judicial Excision of the FAA Seamen's Arbitration Exemption from the New York Convention Act, 103
Matthew Nickson
Recent Trends in International Chapter 11 Cases: Pragmatic Reorganizations, 145
Mark Hoogland

Solution to Dissolution: Detective Fiction from Wilkie Collins to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1
Rosanna Cavallaro
Gender Construction and the Limits of Liberal Equality, 43
Gila Stopler
Georgia's Married Women's Property Act: An Effective Challenge to Coverture, 81
Sandra R. Zagier Zayac & Robert A. Zayac, Jr.

Unofficial Accountability: A Proposal for the Permanent Women's Tribunal on Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, 107
Flemming Terrell

January, 2006

The Fair Housing Act and Religious Freedom, 1
Michael P. Seng
NRA = No Rational Argument? How the National Rifle Association Exploits Public Irrationality , 39
Scott Medlock

"Please Disable the Entire Filter": Why Non-Removable Filters on Public Library Computers Violate the First Amendment, 65
Todd Anten
Futures Past: Institutionalizing The Re-Examination of Future Dangerousness in Texas Prior to Execution, 101
Jessica L. Roberts

Originalism & Judicial Confirmation Hearings, 1
John Cornyn

Octane, Clean Air, and Renewable Fuels: A Modest Step Toward Energy Independence, 9
C. Boyden Gray & Andrew R. Varcoe
Cui Bono?
The Case for an Honest Guest Worker Program, 63
Tom Tancredo
The Tragic Failure of Roe v. Wade: Why Abortion Should be Returned to the States, 85
Clarke D. Forsythe & Stephen B. Presser
Easing Abortion's Pain: Can Fetal Pain Legislation Survive the New Judicial Scrutiny of Legislative Fact-Finding?, 171
Antony B. Kolenc

Misdiagnosis: A Comment on Illness and Injury as Contributors to Bankruptcy and the Media Publicity Surrounding It, 229
Gail L. Heriot

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December, 2005

The Politics of Judicial Review, 257
Barry Friedman
The Polymorphic Principle and the Judicial Role in Statutory Interpretation, 339
Jonathan R. Siegel

A Marketplace for Ideas?, 395
Oren Bar-Gill and Gideon Parchomovsky

Book Review Essay
Constitutionalism, Judicial Review, and Progressive Change, 433
Linda C. McClain and James E. Fleming

Towards Juristocracy: The Origins and Consequences of the New Constitutionalism

Reply-Constitutionalism, Judicial Review, and Progressive Change: A Rejoinder to McClain and Fleming, 471
Ran Hirschl

Is the Model Rule Outdated? Texas Carries Referral Fee Responsibility into the Limited Liability Era
, 509
Rachel L. Bosworth
Fast and Loose Litigants and Courts: Carnegie v. Household International, Inc. and the End of Settlement Classes, 541
Jon B. Nelsen


Jurisdictional Implications in the Reduced Funding of Lower Federal Courts, 1
James P. George

The Other Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 79
Laurens Walker


Hiding the Inaccessible Truth: Amending the Federal Rules to Accommodate Electronic Discovery, 115
Daniel B. Garrie, Matthew J. Armstrong, & Bill Burdett


Bridging the Falcon Gap: Do Claims of Subjective Decisionmaking in Employment Discrimination Class Actions Satisfy the Rule 23(a) Commonality and Typicality Requirements?, 131
Daniel S. Klein

Peer-to-Peer File Distribution: An Analysis of Design, Liability, Litigation, and Potential Solutions, 181
Seth A. Miller

Zealous Representation: An Examination of Judicial Privilege, the First Amendment, and Attorney's Statements to the Media, 231
Kathleen E. Weir

November, 2005

The Limits of Lawyering: Legal Opinions in Structured Finance, 1
Steven L. Schwarcz

Comment-Can Lawyers Wear Blinders? Gatekeepers and Third-Party Opinions, 59
John C. Coffee, Jr.
Comment-The Limits of Legal Analysis: Using Exteralities to Explain Legal Opinions in Structured Finance, 75
Jonathan Macey
Comment-Earnings Management as a Professional Responsibility Problem, 83
William H. Simon
Reply-We Are All Saying Much the Same Thing: A Rejoinder to the Comments of Professors Coffee, Macey, and Simon, 93
Steven L. Schwarcz

A Theory of Punitive Damages, 105
Benjamin C. Zipursky

Book Review Essay:
A Thoroughly Modern Theory of Restitution
Mark P. Gergen

The Law and Ethics of Resitution, 173

Contingent Worker Protection from Client Company Discrimination: Statutory Coverage, Gaps, and the Role of the Common Law, 191
Jason E. Pirruccello
Inequitable Estopple: Arbitrating with Nonsignatory Defendants Under Grigson v. Creative Artists, 225
Frank Z. LaForge

October, 2005

September, 2005

  • Blackacre 1:1 now available for sale. 09/01/2005
    Includes an interview with UT-Austin President Bill Powers.