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CURRENT LOCATION: Publications - Latest Releases and News - SEPTEMBER 2010 THRU AUGUST 2011

September 1, 2010 thru August 31, 2011
What's New at The University of Texas School of Law Publications

August, 2011

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 41, Number 2, Winter 2011 [click here to order, $15.00]

Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Federal and Texas Clean Air Acts, 129
Jim Braddock

Decreasing Dirty Dumping? A Reevaluation of Toxic Waste Colonialism and the Global Management of Transboundary Hazardous Waste, 147
Laura A. W. Pratt

Interstate Water Transfers and the Red River Shootout, 181
Nicholas Andrew

Carbon Sequestration and Pore Space Ownership in Texas, 205
Madeline Mathews

Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Brandi Mirzakhani, 225
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Sarah Coble, 227
Solid Waste—Ali Abazari, Laura Evans, Megan Dagerman, 229
Water Quality & Utilities—Emily Rogers, Nicholas Andrew, Molly Powers, 234
Water Rights—Robin Smith, Allison Schmitz, 241
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Corey Pemberton, 244
Casenotes: State—Howard S. Slobodin, Denton Walker, 247
Publications—Francis Chin, Mary Alexander, Nicholas Aitches-Gavrizi, 249
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, T.L. Fahring, Mariel De La Garza, 253

State Bar Section News, 258

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 15, Number 2, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

In Memory of Greg Coleman

Planting Seeds, 267
R. Paul Yetter

Speech by the Honorable Judge Edith Jones, 271

Speech by the Honorable Ted Cruz, 279

On Civility, 287
Patrick O'Daniel


Why the Debate Over the Constitutionality of the Federal Health Care Law Is About Much More than Health Care, 293
Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II, E. Duncan Getchell, Jr. & Wesley G. Russell, Jr.

The International Criminal Court Revisited: An American Perspective, 339
Judge David Admire, ret.

Straight Is Better: Why Law and Society May Justly Prefer Heterosexuality, 359
George W. Dent, Jr.

Divisive Diversity at the University of Texas: An Opportunity for the Supreme Court to Overturn Its Flawed Decision in Grutter, 437
Joshua P. Thompson & Damien M. Schiff

Accounting for FASB: Why Administrative Law Should Apply to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, 489
Omar Ochoa

July, 2011

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law [more info]
Volume 6, Number 2, 2010-2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Lord Coke, the Restatement, and Modern Subsurface Trespass Law, 203
Owen L. Anderson

Mineral Issues' Impact on Solar Energy Development in Texas, 241
Alison Gardner, David Sewell, and Brent Stahl

Unmasking Project Finance: Risk Mitigation, Risk Inducement, and An Invitation to Development Disaster?, 273
Shalanda H. Baker

The Role of FERC and the States in Approving and Siting Interstate Natural Gas Facilities and LNG Terminals After the Energy Policy Act of 2005—Consultation, Preemption and Cooperative Federalism, 335
Joan M. Darby, Janet M. Robins, and Beth L. Webb

The Federal Government's Authority to Site Interstate Electric Transmissions Lines: How the Meaning of “Withheld” is Withholding Clarity for Transmission Development, 385
Drew Thornley

Carbon Capture and Sequestration in Texas: Navigating the Legal Challenges Related to Pore Space Ownership, 399
Christopher J. Miller

Recent Developments in Texas, United States, and International Energy Law
Contributions from: Arthur J. Wright, Jolisa Dobbs, and James E. Goddard

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 19, Number 3, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Proper Role of Functionality in Design Patent Infringement Analysis: A Criticism of the Federal Circuit Decision in Richardson v. Stanley Works, Inc., 309
Shin Chang

The Federal Circuit's Interpretation and Application of the MedImmune Standard for Declaratory Judgment Jurisdiction, 331
Kelsey I. Nix & Laurie Stempler

Different Infringement, Different Issue: Alerting Issue Preclusion as Applied to Claim Construction, 361
Matthew A. Ferry

Patent Eligible Medical and Biotechnology Inventions After Bilski, Prometheus and Myriad, 393
Joshua D. Sarnoff

Federal Circuit: The Statistics, 419
Patrick Doll

State Bar Section News, 451

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 30, Number 4, Symposium 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Judicial Issues in Judicial Disqualifications, 639
Michael W. Martin

To Judge or Not to Judge: Transparency and Recusal in the Federal System, 653
Honorable M. Margaret McKeown

Why Judicial Disqualification Matters. Again., 671
Charles Gardner Geyh

In Praise of Procedurally Centered Judicial Disqualification—and a Stronger Conception of the Appearance Standard: Better Acknowledging and Adjusting to Cognitive Bias, Spoliation, and Perceptual Realities, 733
Jeffrey W. Stempel

Attorney Speech and the Right to an Impartial Adjudicator, 849
Margaret Tarkington

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 16, Number 2, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Amending Christian Legal Society v. Martinez: Protecting Expressive Association as an Independent Right in a Limited Public Forum, 129
Erica Goldberg

Disparate Impact Is Not Unconstitutional, 171
Michael Evan Gold

Eliminating the Use of Restraint and Seclusion Against Students with Disabilities, 189
Christine Florick Nishimura

Bucking Grutter: Why Critical Mass Should Be Thrown Off the Affirmative-Action Horse, 233
Mark T. Terrell

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 7, June 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Symposium: Latin American Constitutionalism
I. Models of Constitutionalism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Models of Democracy and Models of Constitutionalism: The Case of Chile's Constitutional Court, 1970-2010, 1517
Javier Couso

Grafting Social Rights onto Hostile Constitutions, 1537
Roberto Gargarella

Constitutional Emergencies in Argentina: The Romans (not the Judges) Have the Solution, 1557
Carlos Rosenkrantz

The Recent Transformation of Constitutional Law in Latin America: Trends and Challenges, 1587
Rodrigo Uprimny

II. Social and Economic Rights
Courts and Social Change: Lessons from the Struggle to Universalize Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment in Argentina, 1611
Paola Bergallo

Harming the Poor Through Social Rights Litigation: Lessons from Brazil, 1643
Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz

Beyond the Courtroom: The Impact of Judicial Activism on Socioeconomic Rights in Latin America, 1669
César Rodríguez-Garavito

Transcript: Social and Economic Rights and the Columbian Constitutional Court, 1699
Manuel José Cepeda-Espinoza

III. Constitutional Structure
Latin American Presidentialism in Comparative and Historical Perspective, 1707
José Antonio Cheibub, Zachary Elkins & Tom Ginsburg

A Matter of the Few: Dynamics of Constitutional Change in Chile, 1990-2010, 1741
Claudio A. Fuentes

Shifting Constitutional Designs in Latin America: A Two-Level Explanation, 1777
Gabriel L. Negretto

The Politics of Amendment Processes: Supreme Court Influence in the Design of Judicial Councils, 1807
Andrea Pozas-Loyo & Julio Rios-Figueroa

IV. Constitutional Review
The Inter-American Court and Constitutionalism in Latin America, 1835
Diego García-Sayán

The Mexican Supreme Court's (Sexual) Revolution?, 1863
Alejandro Madrazo & Estefanía Vela

V. Constitutional Approaches to Property Rights
The Unending Quest for Land: The Tale of Broken Constitutional Promises, 1895
Helena Alviar García

Property in the Post-post-revolution: Notes on the Crises of the Constitutional Idea of Property in Contemporary Mexico, 1915
Antonio Azuela

VI. Commentaries
Commentary: Social and Economic Rights in Latin America: Constitutional Courts and the Prospects for Pro-poor Interventions, 1943
Daniel M. Brinks & William Forbath

Commentary: Comparative Constitutional Law and Property: Responses to Alviar and Azuela, 1957
Karen Engle

Commentary: Courts in Latin America and the Constraints of the Civil Law Tradition, 1967
Victor Ferreres Comella

Commentary: Constitutional Structure in Latin America, 1977
Jonathan Hartlyn

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 30, Number 3, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

In Rem Jurisdiction in an Action to Confirm and Enforce a Foreign Arbitral Award Generally and Jurisdiction Based Upon the Presence of a U.S. Subsidiary Specifically, 415
Jarred Pinkston

Consumer Class Actions: Texas Trends, 475
Chad M. Pinson and David M. Hunt

100 Years of White Collar Crime in “Twitter”, 535
Ellen S. Podgor
The Effectiveness of Litigation Under the CAN-SPAM Act, 559
David Lorentz

An Unrealistic Burden: Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude and Silva-Trevini's Realistic Probability Test, 607
Cate McGuire

June, 2011

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 20, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Marriage and Law Reform: Lessons from the Nineteenth-Century Michigan Married Women's Property Acts, 1
Ellen Dannin
Gender and Unemployment Insurance: Why Women Receive Unemployment Benefits At Lower Rates Than Men and Will Unemployment Insurance Reform Close the Gender Gap?, 55
Michelle Mitchell

Discriminating Because of “Pizzazz”: Why Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Evidences Sexual Discrimination Under the Sex-Stereotyping Doctrine of Title VII, 75
Olivia Szwalbnest

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 41, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $15.00]

The Principle of Antidegradation and its Place in Texas Water Quality Permitting, 1
Lauren Kalisek

As If It Isn't Enough to Have a Non-Performing Loan: Dealing With Environmentally Impacted Distressed Assets, 29
John Slavich

Fair, Effective, and Comprehensive: The Future of Texas Water Law, 47
Adrian Shelley

The State of CO2 Sequestration in the State of Texas, 65
Russell W. Murdock

Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Jessica Achtsam, 83
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Maxim Farberov, 86
Solid Waste—Ali Abazari, Rachel Stone, Chinwe Agbu, 89
Water Quality and Utilities—Emily Rogers, Jack Oberstein, 95
Water Rights—Robin Smith, Corey Pemberton, Shannon Sims, 100
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Andrea Tindall, 107
Casenotes: State—Howard S. Slobodin, Alyssa Nava, Olga Goldberg, 110
Publications—Francis Chin, Andrew Chapman, Nicholas Ybarra, 117
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, Madeline Mathews, David Francis, 122

State Bar Section News, 128

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 38, Number 2, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Civil Case at the Heart of Criminal Procedure: In Re Winship, Stigma, and the Civil-Criminal Distinction, 117
W. David Ball

Asset Forfeiture as a Form of Punishment: A Case for Integrating Asset Forfeiture into Criminal Sentencing, 181
Catherine E. McCaw

What Herring Hath Wrought: An Analysis of Post-Herring Cases in the Federal Courts, 221
Claire Angelique Nolasco, Rolando V. del Carmen, Michael S. Vaughn

The Good Left Undone: How to Stop Sex Offender Laws From Causing Unnecessary Harm at the Expense of Effectiveness, 263
Catherine Wagner

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 19, Number 2, Spring 2010 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Building Backwards: Helping Heal Iraq Through Women's Rights, 81
Olivia St. Clair

The Annoyingly Indeterminate Effects of Sex Differences, 99
Deborah Weiss

“Do No Harm—unless she wants an abortion or birth control:” The Conscience Movement's Impact on Women's Health, 173
Kimberly Moss

May, 2011

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 6, May 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Amicus Briefs and the Sherman Act: Why Antitrust Needs a New Deal, 1247
Rebecca Haw

When the Government Is the Controlling Shareholder, 1293
Marcel Kahan & Edward B. Rock

Book Review
Federalism Compatibilists, 1365
Garrick B. Pursley

reviewing Robert A. Schapiro's
Polyphonic Federalism

Book Review Symposium
The Common Man?, 1395
Marsha S. Berzon

Believing in the Goodness of People, 1403
Larry Kramer

Our Liberalism, 1409
Frank I. Michelman

A Justice for All Seasons, 1417
Robert M. O’Neil

Selective Judicial Activism, 1423
Geoffrey R. Stone

all reviewing Seth Stern & Stephen Wermiel's
Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion

Worth Another Look: Net-Worth Discovery Standards in Texas, 1433
Anthony F. Arguijo

Something Like the Sun: Why Even “Isolated and Purified” Genes Are Still Products of Nature, 1453
Jonah D. Jackson

Reverse Erie and Texas Rule 202: The Federal Implications of Texas Pre-suit Discovery, 1491
Jeffrey Liang

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 46, Number 2, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Seeking Breaches in the Wall: An International Human Rights Law Challenge to the Texas-Mexico Border Wall, 257
Denise Gilman

Residence and Nationality as Determinants of Status in Modern China, 295
Hilary K. Josephs

Legalizing the Barrier: the Legality and Materiality of the Israel/Palestine Separation Barrier, 309
Yishai Blank

From Culture to Barbed Wire: On Houses and Walls in South Africa, 345
Thomas Blom Hansen

Is Race Neutrality a Fallacy? A Comparison of the U.S. and French Models of Affirmative Action in Higher Education, 355
Danielle Ledford

The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System: Thoughts on a Multilateral Treaty in Light of the 2008 UN Resolution on the Law of Transboundary Aquifers, 379
Nicholas Maxwell

Choice of Law and Islamic Finance, 411
Julio C. Colón

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 19, Number 2, Winter 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Beware the Scrivener's Error: Curing the Drafting Error in the Federal Registration Defense to Trademark Dilution, 169
Timothy A. Lemper & Joshua R. Bruce

International Cooperation and the Patent-Antitrust Intersection, 193
Stephen Yelderman

Missing the Mark: The Misplaced Reliance on Intent in Modern Trademark Law, 229
Blake Tierney

Formalism and Patent Claim Drafting: The Status of De Facto Independent Claims Under the Fourth Paragraph of 35 U.S.C. § 112, 263
Jason M. Nolan

State Bar Section News, 307

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 38, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Criminal Procedure, Jury Discrimination & Pre-Davis Intent Doctrine: The Seeds of a Weak Equal Protection Clause, 1
Brando Simeo Starkey

The Second Generation of Racial Profiling, 49
Dov Fox

Juror Misconduct and the Internet, 81
Daniel William Bell

Preserving Innocence: Protecting Child Victims in the Post-Crawford Legal System, 101
Andrew W. Eichner

April, 2011

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 5, April 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Patentable Subject Matter and Institutional Choice, 1041
John M. Golden

Share Repurchases, Equity Issuances, and the Optimal Design of Executive Pay, 1113
Jesse M. Fried

Book Review
But I Thought the Earth Belonged to the Living, 1149
Mark L. Ascher

reviewing Lawrence M. Friedman's
Dead Hands: A Social History of Wills, Trusts, and Inheritance Law

A Proposed Wealth Redistribution System Based on the Underlying Premise of Revenue Sharing in American Pro Sports, 1179
F. Gibbons Addison

Third-Party Assistance in Determining Obviousness, 1203
Gregory R. Baden

The Effect of the Parliamentary Voting System Act on the British Constitution, 1229
Joshua H. Packman

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 30, Number 2, Winter 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Ongoing Milberg Weiss Controversy, 183
Lonny Hoggman and Alan F. Steinberg

“We Can Work It Out”: Using Cooperative Mediation—a Blend of Collaborative Law and Traditional Mediation—to Resolve Divorce Disputes, 245
Elena B. Langan

Straddling The Wall: Academic Freedom in Religious Universities and How Institutions May Engage in Judicious Self-Regulation, 319
Lauren Jones

Want to Avoid Medicare? Fat Chance!: MMSEA Reporting Requirements and Their Impact on the Resolution of the Claims of Medicare Beneficiaries, 359
Joshua D. Kipp

Reforming Legal Represenation for Minors: The Attorney Ad Litem Firm, 379
David Lorentz

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 37, Number 3, Summer 2010 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Criminalizing Day-to-Day Life: A Socio-Legal Critique of Gang Injunctions, 241
Beth Caldwell

Special Populations and the Importance of Prison Oversight, 291
Michele Deitch

The Problem of ‘Proceeds’ in the Era of FERA, 317
Jon Reidy

Criminal Malpractice: Avoiding the Chutes and Using the Ladders, 331
Cort Thomas

March, 2011

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 4, March 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Consensus Constitution, 755
Justin Driver

The Signaling Function of Religious Speech in Domestic Counterterrorism, 833
Aziz Z. Huq

Book Reviews
Laycock's Legacy, 901
Thomas C. Berg

Lawyering Religious Liberty, 917
Steven D. Smith

I'm a Laycockian! (for the most part), 935
Jay Wexler

Reviews of a Lifetime, 949
Douglas Laycock

all reviewing Douglas Laycock's
Religious Liberty, Volume One: Overviews & History

Why the Enforcement Agencies' Recent Efforts Will Not Encourage Ex Ante Licensing Negotiations in Standard-Setting Organizations, 967
Lauren E. Barrows

Quality Care for Queer Nursing Home Residents: The Prospect of Reforming the Nursing Home Reform Act, 999
Michael J. Ritter

Two Problems with the Value of Participation in Democratic Theory and Copyright, 1019
David A. Snyder

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 16, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

A New Look at Section 504 and the ADA in Special Education Cases, 1
Mark C. Weber

Congress Needs to Repair the Court's Damage to § 1983, 29
Ivan E. Bodensteiner

Race and Civil Asset Forfeiture: A Disparate Impact Hypothesis, 77
Mary Murphy

Arab Americans, Affirmative Action, and a Quest for Racial Identity, 101
Christine Tamer

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law [more info]
Volume 6, Number 1, 2010-2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Bandits at the Well: FCPA Implications of Extortion at Well Sites in Mexico, 1
Joshua C. Wallenstein

Acquisitions and Dispositions of Oil and Gas Properties, 23
William H Caudill and Zhusong Yang

Drake Meets Marcellus: A Review of Pennsylvania Case Law upon the Sesquicentennial of the United States Oil and Gas Industry, 47
Ross H. Pifer

Limits on International Business in the Petroleum Sector: CFIUS Investment Screening, Economic Sanctions, Anti-Bribery Rules, and Other Measures, 75
Harry L. Clark & Jonathan W. Ware

Recent Developments
Recent Developments in Texas, United States, and International Energy Law, 163
Contributions from:
Brian S. Tomasovic & Stephen V. Arbogast

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 30, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Lead Article
Blurring the Lines Between Pleading Doctrines: The Enhanced Rule 8(a)(2) Plausibility Pleading Standard Converges With the Heightened Fraud Pleading Standards Under Rule 9(b) and the PSLRA, 1
Marc I. Steinberg and Diego E. Gomez-Cornejo
Majority of Class Action Publication Notices Fail to Satisfy Rule 23 Requirements, 53
Shannon R. Wheatman, Ph.D. and Terri R. LeClercq, Ph.D.

Resolving The Principal Place of Business Conundrum: Adopting A Single Test For Federal Diversity Jurisdiction, 75
Michael E. Chaplin
Termination of Sound Recording Copyrights & The Potential Unconscionability of Work for Hire Clauses, 101
Emily Burrows

“Non-Media” Jury Prejudice and Rule 21(a): Lessons from Enron, 133
Andrew Mayo

The Legacy of United States v. Thomas: Second Circuit's Swing and a Miss Puts Defendants' Rights at Risk, 159
Brian Osimiri

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 2009 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Social Factoring the Numbers with Assisted Reproduction, 1
Bridget J. Crawford and Lolita Buckner Inniss

Transgender Foster Youth: A Forced Identity, 25
Christine L. Olson
Teaching Tolerance: A Harvey Milk Day Would Do a Student Body Good, 59
Michael J. Ritter

February, 2011

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 3, February 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Agency-Specific Precedents, 499
Richard E Levy & Robert L. Glicksman

The Relative Irrelevance of the Establishment Clause, 583
Richard C. Schragger
Book Reviews
Justice Takes a Stand, 653
Jeffrey Abramson
reviewing Michael J. Sandel's
Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?
The Ancients Among Us, 671
Russell Muirhead
reviewing Jeffrey Abramson's
Minerva's Owl: The Tradition of Western Political Thought

and Michael J. Sandel's
Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?
Socratic Temptations, 687
Michael J. Sandel
reviewing Jeffrey Abramson's
Minerva's Owl: The Traditions of Western Political Thought
Indian Arbitration and “Public Policy”, 699
Amelia C. Rendeiro

How Much Is an Illegal Immigrant's Life Worth?, 729
Mark J. Tindall

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 15, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $15.00 ]


Bleak Prospects: How Health Care Reform Has Failed in the United States, 1
Richard A. Epstein

Somali Pirates: An Expansive Interpretation of Human Rights, 39
Amitai Etzioni

The Plenary Power Doctrine and the Constitutionality of Ideological Exclusions: An Historical Perspective, 61
Patrick J. Charles

Witness for the Defense: The Compulsory Process Clause as a Limit on Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction, 129
Daniel Huff

“The Court Will Clean It Up”: Confronting the Specter of Political Branch Dereliction of Duty, 165
Ben Geslison

Oversight, Enforcement, and Extension in Public-Interest Litigation: An Empirical Analysis of Compliance with the Ninth Circuit's Western States Paving v. Washington State DOT Decision, 199
Robert Luther, III

Completing Ely's Representation: Reinforcing Theory of Judicial Review by Accounting for the Constitutional Values of State Citizenship, 219
Shane Pennington

How High is Too High?: Judicial Elections and Recusal After Caperton, 247
Daniel Betts

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law [journal info]

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law hosts its Annual Symposium “The Role of Agents in Sports & Entertainment Law” on Thursday, March 24th, in the Eidman Courtroom 2.306 [map]. The symposium will focus on the role that agents play in the professional lives of athletes and celebrities, and the ethical dilemmas they face.

Students, faculty, and the public are invited to listen to speakers Professor David Caudill, Josh Luchs, Larry Waks, and Bill Stapleton. More speakers will be added soon.

General Questions, please email []

MORE INFO: 5 hours CLE credit which include 1.5 ethics hours. [Symposium Home]

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [journal info]

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights hosts its Annual Symposium “Civil Rights on the Border” on Tuesday, March 1st, in the Eidman Courtroom 2.306 [map]. Students, faculty, and the public are invited to listen to Keynote Speaker James Ho, current partner at Gibson Dunn, former Texas Solicitor General, and former clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Topics Include: Immigration Detention Centers, the Dream Act, Operation Streamline, Birthright Citizenship and the 14th Amendment.

LOCATION: The University of Texas School of Law, Eidman Courtroom 2.306 [map]

MORE INFO: Lunch will be served from 12noon - 1pm in the Joseph D. Jamail Pavillion 2.300. CLE credit pending.

Full schedule of events: []

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [journal info]

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal hosts its 12th Annual IP Symposium on Friday, February 18th, in the Eidman Courtroom 2.306 [map]. Students and faculty alike are invited to listen to talks throughout the day from 16 speakers on IP-related topics such as Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. This presents a unique opportunity to both brush up on recent intellectual property decisions and to network and meet judges, practitioners, and scholars in the field of IP.

Talks start at 8:30AM and go until 4:45PM with a brief break for lunch. More information and a schedule of speakers can be found on our website at [].

For attorneys seeking MCLE credit, the Symposium offers 7 hours of MCLE credit with one hour of Ethics MCLE credit, and online registration can be found at [].

Many thanks to Vinson & Elkins and Andrews Kurth, who have sponsored this years Symposium at the Benefactor level; Fulbright & Jaworski, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, McKool Smith and Morrison & Foerster at the Sponsor level; and Pirkey Barber, Jones Day, and Baker Botts at the Friend level.

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 40, Numbers 1-3, Fall 2009 Winter, Spring & Summer 2010 [click here to order, $40.00]

Solid Waste Update, 1
Paul G. Gosselink

Environmental Issues in Bankruptcy, 43
Mary J. Koks & Tim Million

Wind Severance, 73
Michael J. Stephen

Categorizing Environmental Crimes: Malum in se or Malum prohibitum?, 93
Michael Parker

Achieving the High-Water Mark of Wave Technology, 113
David Webster
Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Marissa Saucedo Britton, Lauren Sprouse, Sarah Coble, 135
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Samuel Denton, 141
Solid Waste—Ali Abazari, Crystal Le, 144
Water Rights—Robin Smith, Madeline Mathews, 146
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Thomas L. Fahring, 148
Casenotes: State—Howard S. Slobodin, Morgan Smith, 152
Publications—Francis Chin, Randy Aman, 154
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, Laura Evans, 156

State Bar Section News, 160

Texas International Law Journal [more info]

The Texas International Law Journal will hold its annual symposium February 10-11th. The topic is the new Air and Missile Warfare Manual, and Ambassador Henry Crumpton, former Coordinator for Counterterrorism, will deliver the keynote address at 5 pm, Thursday evening, in the Bass Lecture Hall at the LBJ School for Public Affairs [map].

Students and faculty are invited to both the keynote and the panel discussions on Friday. The panel discussions are all day Friday in the Room 3.102 of the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center [map].

If you have any questions, please check the TILJ website []

January, 2011

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]

All 1L and 2L students interested in joining the American Journal of Criminal Law may submit a writing sample, transcript and resume to either [] or the AJCL mailbox for consideration.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 4 at 5:00 pm.

December, 2010

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 37, Number 2, Spring 2010 [click here to order this issue, $15.00]

Answer Self-Incriminating Questions or Be Fired, 1
Peter Westen

Bottom-Up: An Alternative Approach for Investigating Corporate Malfeasance, 163
Susan B. Heyman

Just (Juvenile Justice) Jargon: An Argument for Terminological Uniformity Between the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems, 221
Michael J. Ritter

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 2, December 2010 [click here to order this issue, $15.00]

Regulatory Arbitrage, 227
Victor Fleischer

Competing Theories of Blackmail: An Empirical Research Critique of Criminal Law Theory, 291
Paul H. Robinson, Michael T. Cahill & Daniel M. Bartels

Special Feature
No More Tinkering: The American Law Institute and the Death Penalty Provisions of the Model Penal Code, 353
Carol S. Steiker & Jordan M. Steiker

Part II: Report to the ALI Concerning Capital Punishment— Prepared at the Request of ALI Director lance Liebman by Professors Carol S. Steiker & Jordan M. Steiker, 367

Book Review

The New Intellectual Property of the Nineteenth Century, 423
Oren Bracha

reviewing Catherine L. Fisk's
Working Knowledge: Employee Innovation and the Rise of Corporate Intellectual Property, 1800-1930

and Isabella Alexander's
Copyright Law and the Public Interest in the Nineteenth Century

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 46, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order this issue, $20.00]

The British Are Coming!: Britain Changes its Law on Foreign Bribery and Joins the International Fight Against Corruption, 1
F. Joseph Warin, Charles Falconer, and Michael S. Diamant

“Islam is the Solution”: Constitutional Visions of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, 73
Kristen Stilt

To Testify or Not to Testify: A Comparative Analysis of Australian and American Approaches to a Parent-Child Testimonial Exemption, 109
Hillary Farber

Democracy, Human Rights, and Intelligence Sharing, 151
Elizabeth Sepper


Reducing Reliance on Incarceration in Texas: Does Finland Hold Answers?, 209
Lilith Houseman

Googling a Trademark: A Comparative Look at Keyword Use in Internet Advertising, 231
Tyson Smith

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 19, Number 1, Summer 2010 [click here to order this issue, $15.00]

Sale or License? UMG v. Augusto, Vernor v. Autodesk and The First Sale Doctrine, 1
Vivian F. Wang

The Aftermath of TS Tech: The End of Forum Shopping in Patent Litigation and Implications for Non-Practicing Entities, 29
Mark Liang

Unrepresentative Randomization: An Empirical Study of Judging Panels of USPTO Appeals to the CAFC, 79
Thomas Froats

Pull Too Hard and the Rope May Break: On the Secondary Liability of Technology Providers for Copyright Infringement, 111
Lital Helman

State Bar Section News, 167

November, 2010

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 89, Number 1, November 2010 [click here to order this issue, $15.00]
In Memoriam

William Wayne Justice, 1
Keith P. Ellison

Such a Good Guy, 5
T. John Ward

A Tribute to Judge William Wayne Justice, 7
Morris S. Dees

Our Hero, 9
Lawrence G. Sager

Reflections: The Honorable William Wayne Justice, 11
Heather K. Way
Insulating Agencies: Avoiding Capture Through Institutional Design, 15
Rachel E. Barkow

Veil-Piercing, 81
Peter B. Oh
Book Review
Taking Responsibility for the Planet, 147
Daniel A. Farber
reviewing Douglas A. Kysar's
Regulating from Nowhere: Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity

A Proposed Solar Access Law for the State of Texas, 187
Jamie E. France

Filling the "GAAP": Why Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Should Inform U.C.C. Article 9 Decisions, 207
Omar Ochoa

Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy [more info]
Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2010 [click here to order this issue, $30.00]

Relitigating Plessy in the 21st Century: Separate and Unequal Education in California, 1
Armen H. Merjian

The Establishment of All-Citizen Juries as a Key Component of Mexico's Judicial Reform: Cross-National Analyses of Lay Judge Participation and the Search for Mexico's Judicial Sovereignty, 37
Hiroshi Fukurai & Richard Krooth

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk of Racial Profiling: A Study of Automobile Checkpoint Law in Three Nations, 87
Robert H. Chaires, Emmanuel Barthe, & Susan A. Lentz
ELL Education in Arizona: Unconstitutional Segregation or Just Inappropriate?, 121
Jasmine Wightman

October, 2010

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 39, Number 2 and 3, Winter/Spring & Summer 2009 [click here to order this issue, $15.00]

Where Sovereign Immunity and Water Development Issues Collide, 95
Jeffrey S. Boyd

Atomic Power, Fossil Fuels, and the Environment: Lessons Learned and the Lasting Impact of the Kennedy Energy Policies, 131
Joshua P. Fershee

Encouraging Conservation in the Lone Star State: How Texas can Improve Incentives for Landowners to Preserve Private Property from Development, 147
Will Ikard

The Status of Surface Water Rights in Texas: A Comparison to Other Prior Appropriation States, 167
Jill Sacra Hoffman

Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Drew Chapman, 187
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Elizabeth Hundt, Erika Baylor, 190
Water Quality & Utilities—Emily Rogers, Adrian Shelley, Nicholas Andrew, 196
Water Rights—Robin Smith, Priscilla Noriega, David Webster, 202
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Kristen Maule, Rachel Stone, 210
Casenotes: State—Howard S. Slobodin, Randy Aman, Cristina Ramage, 218
Publications—Francis Chin, David Webster, Crystal Le, 221
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, Simone Salloum, Russell Murdock, 230

State Bar Section News, 234