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CURRENT LOCATION: Publications - Latest Releases and News - SEPTEMBER 2011 THRU AUGUST 2012

September 1, 2011 thru August 31, 2012
What's New at The University of Texas School of Law Publications

July, 2012

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law [more info]
Volume 7, Number 2, 2011-2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Square Pegs, Round Holes: The Application and Evolution of Traditional Legal and Regulatory Concepts for Horizontal Wells, 177
H. Philip Whitworth and D. Davin McGinnis

Energy Reform and the Future of Mexico's Oil Industry: The Pemex Bidding Rounds and Integrated Service Contracts, 215
Tim R Samples and José Luis Vittor

Criteria for Recovery of Economic Loss Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, 241
David W. Robertson

The Norway-Sweden Certificate Market in Renewable Electricity: A Model for the European Union?, 261
Geoffrey Graham Tudor

Disclosure with Protection of Trade Secrets Comes to the Hydraulic Fracturing Revolution, 289
John D. Furlow and John R. Hays, Jr.

Note & Comment
Taking Unconventional Gas to the International Arena, 357
Molly Wurzer

Recent Developments

Recent Developments in Texas, United States, and International Energy Law, 383
Contributions from: Dick Watt, Ben Elmore, Robert C. Campbell, and Cynthia R. Redwine

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 20, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Res“Q”ing Patent Infringement Damages After ResQNet: The Dangers of Litigation Licenses as Evidence of a Reasonable Royalty, 181
Layne S. Keele

The Power of Music: Applying First Amendment Scrutiny to Copyright Regulations of Internet Radio, 233
Amanda Reid

Serious Flaw of Employee Invention Ownership Under the Bayh-Dole Act in Stanford v. Roche: Finding the Missing Piece of the Puzzle in the German Employee Invention Act, 327
Toshiko Takenaka

The Sine Qua Non of Copyright is Uniqueness, Not Originality, 327
Samson Vermont

State Bar Section News, 387

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 16, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Giant Among Us: Reflections on the Life and Legacy of the Honorable Will Garwood, 211
J. Bruce Bennett, Lino A. Graglia, Hon. E. Grady Jolly, Hon. Edith H. Jones, Sean R. Keveney, Marc A. Levin, Sanford Levinson, Patrick L. O'Daniel, Hon. Priscilla R. Owen, Christian J. Ward, Meg Williams

The Parsonage Exemption Deserves Broad Protection, 251
Justin Butterfield, Hiram Sasser, & Reed Smith

No More Weighting: One Person, One Vote Means One Person, One Vote, 275
Kent D. Krabill & Jeremy A. Fielding

Private Employees' Speech and Political Activity: Statutory Protection Against Employer Retaliation, 295
Eugene Volokh
Showcase Panel IV: A Federal Sunset Law

The Federalist Society 2011 National Lawyers Convention, 339
Hon. Frank H. Easterbrook, William N. Eskridge, Jr., Philip K. Howard, Thomas W. Merrill, Hon. Jeffrey S. Sutton
Book Review

Dick Cheney and the Robust Conception of Presidential Power, 367
Pejman Yousefzadeh

Texas Law Review
Volume 90, Number 7, June 2012 [Abstracts & Full-Text PDF's]

Reshaping Capital Markets & Institutions: Twenty Years On
Foreword, 1597
Henry T. C. Hu

Too Complex to Depict? Innovation, “Pure Information,” and the SEC Disclosure Paradigm, 1601
Henry T. C. Hu

Preventing the Fire Next Time: Too Big to Fail, 1717
H. Rodgin Cohen

Governments as Shadow Banks: The Looming Threat to Financial Stability, 1745
Viral V. Acharya

Do Labyrinthine Legal Limits on Leverage Lesson the Likelihood of Losses? An Analytical Framework, 1775
Andrew W. Lo & Thomas J. Brennan

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Confronting the D.C. Circuit's Usurpation of SEC Rulemaking Authority, 1811
James D. Cox & Benjamin J.C. Baucom

What More Can Be Done to Deter Violations of the Federal Securities Laws?, 1849
David M. Becker

The Relevance, Role, and Reliability of Audits in the Global Economy, 1891
James R. Doty

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The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 31, Number 3, Summer 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Rescission in Texas: A Suspect Remedy, 493
George P. Roach

A Company's Voluntary Refund Program for Consumers Can Be a Fair and Efficient Alternative to a Class Action, 617
Eric P. Voigt

Establishing an Executive Agreement to Permit Regulation S Securities and Avoid the Fraudulent Activities Associated with Their Secondary Transfers, 661
Clinton Culpepper

The Scylla of Sexual Harassment and the Charybdis of Free Speech: How Public Universities Can Craft Policies to Avoid Liability, 703
Benjamin Dower

June, 2012

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 17, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Creating Disability Rights: The Challenge for Disabled Americans, 1
Marc Maurer

Parents with Disabilities in the United States: Prevalence, Perspectives, and a Proposal for Legislative Change to Protect the Right to Family in the Disability Community, 9
Ella Callow, Kelly Buckland & Shannon Jones

Reprisal Revisited: Gross v. FBL Financial Services, Inc., and the End of Mixed-Motive Title VII Retaliation, 43
James Concannon

Tender Offer Taking: Using Game Theory to Ensure that Governments Efficiently and Fairly Exercise Eminent Domain, 95
Justin Lewis Bernstein

Different but Equal? Inequalities in the Workplace, the Nature-Based Narrative, and the Title VII Prohibition on the Masculinization of the “Ideal Worker”, 117
Kristin Housh

May, 2012

Texas Law Review
Volume 90, Number 6, May 2012 [Abstracts & Full-Text PDF's]

Party Rulemaking: Making Procedural Rules Through Party Choice, 1329
Robert G. Bone

Injunctions as More (or Less) than “Off Switches”: Patent-Infringement Injunctions' Scope, 1399
John M. Golden

Book Reviews

Still Convicting the Innocent, 1473
Jennifer E. Laurin

reviewing Brandon L. Garrett's
Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong

Constructing a Canon of Law-Related Poetry, 1507
Alexandra J. Roberts

reviewing Poetry of the Law: From Chaucer to the Present

Monetary Damages and the (b)(2) Class Action: A Closer Look at Wal-Mart v. Dukes, 1535
Neil K. Gehlawat

Would You Want William Hung as Your Trier of Fact? The Case for a Specialized Musicology Tribunal, 1557
Eric M. Leventhal

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Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 47, Number 3, Summer 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

China's Evidentiary and Procedural Reforms, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Harmonization of Civil and Common Law, 455
John J. Capowski

Evaluating Citizens Petition Procedures: Lessons from an Analysis of the NAFTA Environmental Commission, 505
John H. Knox & David L. Markell

South Sudan and the International Legal Framework Governing the Emergence and Delimitation of New States, 541
Jure Vidmar

Insuring Maritime Trade with the Enemy in the Napoleonic Era, 561
Su Jin Kim & James Oldham

Battling Cartels in the New Era of Chinese Antitrust, 587
Andrew W. Eichner

Cyber War Inc.: The Law of War Implications of the Private Sector's Role in Cyber Conflict, 617
Hannah Lobel

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 39, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Objectifying and Identifying in the Theory of Excuse, 175
Anders Kaye

One-Book, Two Sentences: Ex Post Facto Considerations of the One-Book Rule After United States v. Kumar, 231
Andrew C. Adams

The Decision Zone: The New Stage of Interrogation Created by Berghuis v. Thompkins, 271
Meghan Morris


Dormant Data: Why and How to Make Good Use of Deaths in Custody Reporting, 301
Matt Lloyd

April, 2012

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 47, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Symposium: The 2009 Air and Missile Warfare Manual: A Critical Analysis

Introduction, 261
Claude Bruderlein

Law of War Manuals and Warfighting: A Perspective, 265
Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

A Critical Appraisal of the Air and Missile Warfare Manual, 277
Jordan J. Paust

Drones and the Boundaries of the Battlefield, 293
Michael W. Lewis

Determining a Legitimate Target: The Dilemma of the Decision-Maker, 315
Amos N. Guiora

The Law of Operational Targeting: Viewing the LOAC Through an Operational Lens, 337
Geoffrey S. Corn & Lieutenant Colonel Gary P. Corn

Enemy Status and Military Detention: Neutrality Law and Non-International Armed Conflict, Municipal Neutrality Statutes, the U.N. Charter, and Hostile Intent, 381
Karl S. Chang

Can the 1954 Hague Convention Apply to Non-state Actors?: A Study of Iraq and Libya, 403
Zoë Howe

President-Prime Minister Relations, Party Systems, and Democratic Stability in Semipresidential Regimes: Comparing the French and Russian Models, 427
Kimberly A. McQuire

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 42, Number 2, Winter 2012 [click here to order, $15.00]

The Allocation of Water During Times of Drought: TCEQ's Proposed Rules Under Texas Water Code § 11.053, 139
Douglas G. Caroom

Groundwater Rights and the Endangered Species Act: Potential ESA Suits When S.B. 332 is Implemented, 151
Catherine Bennett

Better Together: Co-Siting Wind and Solar Production in Texas, 177
David Francis

Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Andrea Giovannone, 203
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Christine Hervey Smith, 207
Solid Waste—Ali Abazari, Kevin Hess, 209
Water Quality & Utilities—Emily Rogers, Catherine Bennett, 212
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Denton Walker, 215
Water Rights—Robin Smith, Alessandra Allen, 218
Publications—Joshua D. Katz, Allison Schmitz, 222
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, Darrin Wyatt, 227

State Bar Section News, 231

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 90, Number 5, April 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Talk Derby to Me: Intellectual Property Norms Governing Roller Derby Pseudonyms, 1093
David Fagundes

The Myth of the Customary Law Merchant, 1153
Emily Kadens

Book Reviews

The Supreme Court's New Battlefield, 1207
Josh Blackman

reviewing Adam Winkler's
Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America

From the Streets to the Courts: Doing Grassroots Legal History of the Civil Rights Era, 1233
Ariela J. Gross

reviewing Tomiko Brown-Nagin's
Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement

Picking on the Little Guy? Asserting Trademark Rights Against Fans, Emulators, and Enthusiasts, 1259
David E. Armendariz

Qualified Immunity in the Fifth Circuit: Identifying the “Obvious” Hole in Clearly Established Law, 1283
Amelia A. Friedman

Using Financial Incentives to Achieve the Normative Goals of the FMLA, 1307
Kristin M. Malone

March, 2012

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 90, Number 4, March 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Soldier, the State, and the Separation of Powers, 797
Deborah N. Pearlstein

Undermining Congressional Overrides: The Hydra Problem in Statutory Interpretation, 859
Deborah A. Widiss

Book Reviews

The Madisonian Constitution: Rightly Understood, 943
Benjamin Kleinerman

The Goldilocks Executive, 973
Saikrishna B. Prakash & Michael D. Ramsey

both reviewing Eric A. Posner & Adrian Vermeule's
The Executive Unbound: After the Madisonian Republic

Placing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act on the Tracks in the Race for Amnesty, 1009
Stephen A. Fraser

Improving Tax Incentives for Historic Preservation, 1041
David J. Kohtz

The Invisible Barrier: Issue Exhaustion as a Threat to Pluralism in Administrative Rulemaking, 1065
Gabriel H. Markoff

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 21, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Law, Literature, and the Legacy of Virginia Woolf: Stories and Lessons in Feminist Legal Theory, 1
Susan L. Brody

The Bonds That Tie: The Politics of Motherhood and the Future of Abortion Rights, 47
Mary Ziegler

A Female Disease: The Unintentional Gendering of Fibromyalgia Social Security Claims, 85
Dara E. Purvis

Property and Belongingness: Rethinking Gender-Biased Disinheritance, 119
Shelly Kreiczer Levy & Meital Pinto

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 47, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Enemy Status and Military Detention in the War Against Al-Qaeda, 1
Karl S. Chang

Untangling Belligerency from Neutrality in the Conflict with Al-Qaeda, 75
Rebecca Ingber

The Law of Neutrality Does Not Apply to the Conflict with Al-Qaeda, and It's a Good Thing, Too: A Response to Change, 115
Kevin Jon Heller

Reconciling Universal Jurisdiction with Equality Before the Law, 143
Ariel Zemach

The ICC Prosecutor's Missing Code of Conduct, 201
Milan Markovic

Reforming Egypt's Constitution: Hope for Egyptian Democracy?, 237
James Feuille

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 39, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The “Dominant Influence” Test: The FCPA's “Instrumentality” and “Foreign Official” Requirements and the Investment Activity of Sovereign Wealth Funds, 1
Court E. Golumbic, Jonathan P. Adams

Providing Immigration Advice During Criminal Proceedings: Preempting Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims When Non-Citizen Aliens Seek to Withdraw Guilty Pleas to Avoid Adverse Immigration Consequences, 53
Maryellen Meymarian

A Survey of Federal and State Standards for the Admission of Expert Testimony on the Reliability of Eyewitnesses, 97
George Vallas


Qualified Support: Death Qualification, Equal Protection, and Race, 147
Alec T. Swafford

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 31, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Flawed Nexus Between Contract Law and the Rules of Procedure: Why Rules 8 and 9 Must Be Changed, 233
William V. Dorsaneo III & C. Paul Rogers III

Collegial Games: Analyzing the Effect of Panel Composition on Outcome in Investment Arbitration, 267
Daphna Kapeliuk

The Roberts Court and the Civil Procedure Revival, 313
Howard M. Wasserman

Achieving Optimal Deterrence in Food Safety Regulation, 353
Diana Crumley

Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Day and the Future of Groundwater Regulation in Texas, 403
Ashlie Newman

The Sword and the Shield: Rule Enforcement in Virtual Worlds in a Time After Bragg and MDY, 435
Darren Donahue

February, 2012

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 42, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $15.00]

Gone to Texas: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and the Need for Compliance History Review of Out-of-State Applicants, 1
Christopher R. Brown and Blake Farrar

Greening the Law of Advertising: Prospects and Problems, 27
Neil Gormley
Finding Promise in Pond Scum: Algal Biofuels, Regulation, and the Potential for Environmental Problems, 59
Heather Hunziker

Overcoming the “Energy Paradox” in the Built Environment, 85
George M. Padis

Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Aaron Tucker, 109
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Julie Patel, 111
Solid Waste—Ali Abazari, Matt Pena, 114
Water Quality & Utilities—Emily Rogers, Nick Ybarra, Maxim Farberov, 117
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Denton Walker, 126
Casenotes: State—Howard S. Slobodin, David Munden, 129
Publications—Francis Chin, Colleen Lenahan, 130
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, Samia Rogers, 133

State Bar Section News, 137

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 90, Number 3, February 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Predicting Violence, 497
Shima Baradaran & Frank L. McIntyre

The Case for “Trial by Formula”, 571
Alexandra D. Lahav

Book Review Colloquy

Fidelity to Community: A Defense of Community Lawyering, 635
Anthony V. Alfieri

Fidelity to Law and the Moral Pluralism Premise, 657
Katherine R. Kruse

Misplaced Fidelity, 673
David Luban

The Lawyer Knows More than the Law, 691
Stephen L. Pepper

Authoritarian Legal Ethics: Bradley Wendel and the Positivist Turn, 709
William H. Simon
all reviewing W. Bradley Wendel's
Lawyers and Fidelity to Law
Legal Ethics Is About the Law, Not Morality or Justice: A Reply to Critics, 727
W. Bradley Wendel

Forum Non Conveniens and Foreign Policy: Time for Congressional Intervention?, 743
Sidney K. Smith

Three Strikes and You're In: Why the States Need Domestic Violence Databases, 771
Joyce Y. Young

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law [more info]
Volume 7, Number 1, 2011-2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Future of U.S. Geothermal Development: Alternative Energy or Green Pipe Dream?, 1
Jeremiah I. Williamson

Production, Politics, and Pre-Salt: Transitioning to a PSC Regime in Brazil, 31
Bryan W. Blades

Threading the Constitutional Needle With Care: The Commerce Clause Threat to the New Infrastructure of Renewable Power, 59
Steven Ferry

Recent Developments in Texas, United States, and International Energy Law, 125
Contributions from: W. James McAnelly III, David H. Sweeney, Austin T. Lee, James H. Barkley, J. Andrew West, Guy C.K. Leung

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 31, Number 1, Winter 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

LBJ v. Coke Stevenson: Lawyering for Control of the Disputed Texas Democratic Party Senatorial Primary Election of 1948, 1
Josiah M. Daniel, III

Bad Romance: The Uncertain Promise of Modeling Legal Standards of Proof with the Inference to the Best Explanation, 71
Guha Krishnamurthi, Jon Reidy & Michael J. Stephan

Rhetoric, Reality, and the Wrongful Abrogation of the Collateral Source Rule in Personal Injury Cases, 99
Lori A. Roberts

To Love and Die in Dixon:An Argument for Stricter Judicial Review in Cases of Academic Misconduct, 147
Jack E. Byrom

Incentivizing Safety in the Dietary Supplement Industry, 173
Megan Dagerman

Limiting Justice: The Problem of Judicially Imposed Caps on Contingent Fees in Mass Actions, 209
Aimee Lewis

January, 2012

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 16, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]


Severability Doctrine: How Much of a Statute Should Federal Courts Invalidate?, 1
Kenneth A. Klukowski

Trojan Horse: Federal Manipulation of State Governments and the Supreme Court's Emerging Doctrine of Federalism, 113
Mario Loyola

Protecting Speech from the Heart: How Citizens United Strikes Down Political Speech Restrictions on Churches and Charities, 155
Paul Weitzel


The Necessity of Federal Intelligence Sharing with Sub-Federal Agencies, 175
Jason B. Jones

December, 2011

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 90, Number 2, December 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Predicting Patent Litigation, 283
Colleen V. Chien

Substituting Substantive for Procedural Review of Guidance Documents, 331
Mark Seidenfeld

Book Reviews

The Failings of Education Reform and the Promise of Integration, 395
Wendy Parker
reviewing James E. Ryan's
Five Miles Away, A World Apart: One City, Two Schools, and the Story of Educational Opportunity in Modern America
Making Room in the Property Canon, 423
Bela August Walker
reviewing Alfred Brophy, Alberto Lopez & Kali Murray's
Integrating Spaces: Property Law and Race

Moral Rights: Well-Intentioned Protection and Its Unintended Consequences, 443
Lindsey A. Mills

Not Like an Egyptian: Cybersecurity and the Internet Kill Switch Debate, 465
Karson K. Thompson

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 20, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Strength of the International Trade Commission as a Patent Venue, 1
Christopher A. Cotropia

Ending Dilution Doublespeak: Reviving the Concept of Economic Harm in the Dilution Action, 25
Alexander Dworkowitz

Modernizing Copyright Law, 65
Miriam Bitton

No Bitin' Allowed: A Hip-Hop Copying Paradigm for All of Us, 115
Horace E. Anderson, Jr.

State Bar Section News, 179

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 41, Number 3, Spring & Summer 2011 [click here to order, $15.00]

NEPA and Climate Change: After the CEQ's Draft Guidance, 259
James R. Holcomb, IV

Nuclear Uncertainty: A Look at the Uncertainties of a U.S. Nuclear Renaissance, 279
T. L. Fahring

Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Regulation: The Case of Impingement and Entrainment and What to Take Away from Entergy Corp. v. Riverkeeper, Inc., 309
Sanja Muranovic

Recent Developments

Air Quality—John B. Turney, Nicholas “Nick” Ybarra, 327
Natural Resources—Aileen M. Hooks, Zachary Rider, 330
Solid Waste—Ali Abazari, Alyssa Nava, 334
Water Quality & Utilities—Emily Rogers, Rachael K. Jones, 337
Water Rights—Robin Smith, Catherine Bennett, 342
Casenotes: Federal—David J. Klein, Tim Redmond, 346
Casenotes: State—Howard S. Slobodin, Sarah Page Jackson, 348
Publications—Francis Chin, Maxim Farberov, 350
Washington Update—Laura La Valle, Madeline Mathews, 352

State Bar Section News, 356

November, 2011

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 90, Number 1, November 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Originalism and Sex Discrimination, 1
Steven G. Calabresi & Julia T. Rickert

The Pretend Solution: An Empirical Study of Bankruptcy Outcomes, 103
Katherine Porter

Book Reviews

On Citation and Dialogue: Thoughts on Inga Markovits, Justice in Lüritz, 163
Leora Auslander

The Magic Mailbox of Inga Markovits, 177
Lawrence M. Friedman
both reviewing Inga Markovits's
Justice in Lüritz: Experiencing Socialist Law in East Germany
On the Value of Jurisprudence, 187
Ian P. Farrell
reviewing Scott J. Shapiro's

Improving Forensic Science Through State Oversight, 225
Ryan M. Goldstein

The Multiplication of Indivisible Injury, 259
Michael T. Raupp

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 38, Number 3, Summer 2011 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Quantifying Katz: Empirically Measuring “Reasonable Expectations of Privacy” in the Fourth Amendment Context, 289
Henry F. Fradella, Weston J. Morrow, Ryan G. Fischer, Connie Ireland

Who Can Testify About Lab Results after Melendez-Diaz and Bullcoming?: Surrogate Testimony and the Confrontation Clause, 375
Jesse J. Norris


The Failures of Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts and the Unstable Confrontation Clause, 437
Andrew W. Eichner

October, 2011

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law [more info]
Volume 12, Number 2, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $25.00 ]

You Can Only Race if You Can't Win? The Curious Cases of Oscar Pistorius & Caster Semenya, 133
Professor Shawn M. Crincoli

The Problem With Salary Caps Under European Union Law: The Case Against Financial Fair Play, 189
Professor Johan Lindholm


The Law Firm and the League: The Legal and Electronic Connections Between Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP and Major League Baseball, 215
Ross E. Davies

An Indecent Proposal? What Clamping Down on Fleeting Expletives on the Airwaves Means for the TV Industry, 225
Shelly Rosenfeld

An Introduction to the Arthur Miller Dialogue on “Sports, Media and Race: The Impact on America”, 239
Arthur Reyna, III

Arthur Miller Dialogue on “Sports, Media and Race: The Impact on America”, 251

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 20, Number 2, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

When Courts Collide: Integrated Domestic Violence Courts and Court Pluralism, 95
Elizabeth L. MacDowell

Teens, Technology, and Cyberstalking: The Domestic Violence Wave of the Future?, 131
Andrew King-Ries

Another Crack in the Thin Skull Plaintiff Rule: Why Women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Who Suffer Physical Harm from Abusive Environments at Work or School Should Recover from Employers and Educators, 165
Rachel V. Rose, Arlie N. Wallace, Ann M. Piccard

Critical Conflicts Between First-Wave and Feminist Critical Approaches to Alternative Dispute Resolution, 193
Danya Shocair Reda

Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy [more info]
Volume 17, Number 1, Spring 2011 [click here to order, $30.00 ]

The Legal Status of Puerto Rico and the Institutional Requirements of Republicanism, 1
Joel Colón-Rios & Martin Hevia

“But Your Honor, He's an Illegal!”—Ruled Inadmissable and Prejudicial: Can the Undocumented Worker's Alien Status Be Introduced at Trial?, 27
Benny Agosto, Jr., Lupe Salinas, & Eloisa Morales Arteaga

When the Wise Latina Judge Meets a Living Constitution—Why It Is a Matter of Perspective, 53
Laura A. Hernandez


Reasonably Suspicious of Being Mojado: The Legal Derogation of Latinos in Immigration Enforcement, 99
Javier Perez

September, 2011

Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law [more info]
Volume 12, Number 1, Fall 2010 [click here to order, $25.00 ]

The Big Business of College Game Day, 1
Professor Loftus C. Carson, II & Dr. Michelle A. Rinehart

Major College Sports: A Modern Apartheid, 13
Professors Robert A. McCormick & Amy Christian McCormick


“I'm His Coach, Not His Father.” A Title IX Analysis of Sexual Harassment on College Sports, 53
Caitlin M. Cullitan

Two for One: How the NCAA Rules Do Not Adequately Address Package Deals and a Proposed Rule to Prohibit Them, 77
Lauren Ferrante

Foul Ball! The Need to Alter Current Liability Standards for Spectator Injuries at Sporting Events, 91
Mohit Khare

Head East, Young Man (And Comparatively Older Men Who Are Likely to Languish in the Minor Leagues), 109
Ross Appel

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 46, Number 3, Summer 2011 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Introduction, 437
Jay Lawrence Westbrook

Reciprocal Comity, 441
Edward J. Janger

No Two Snowflakes the Same: The Distributional Question in International Bankruptcies, 459
José M. Garrido

“L'enfer, C'est les Autres”: Evolving Approaches to the Treatment of Security Rights in Cross-Border Insolvency, 489
Professor Ian Fletcher

Sacred Cows: How to Care for Secured Creditors' Rights in Cross-Border Bankruptcies, 513
The Hon. Leif M. Clark & Karen Goldstein

The Payment of Priority Claims in Cross-Border Insolvency Cases, 559
Allan L. Gropper

A New Role for Secondary Proceedings in International Bankruptcies, 579
John A. E. Pottow

Breaking Away: Local Priorities and Global Assets, 601
Jay Lawrence Westbrook
Groundwater Reform in India: An Equity and Sustainability Dilemma, 623
Daniel Aguilar

The Right to Vote for Non-Resident Citizens: Considered Through the Example of East Timor, 655
Caroline Carter