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CPT Policy and Procedure

International law students who wish to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) F-1 employment authorization should first consult the rules and regulations published by the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

All students requesting CPT authorization must be enrolled in a course related to their proposed employment. At the law school, this course requirement is fulfilled by creating a research and writing project through a Directed Research and Study course (DRS). The research and writing project must fulfill the DRS rules and be topically related to the work that the student performs during his/her employment.  Law students who have secured either a volunteer or compensated job opportunity must propose a research paper topic and secure a law professor to supervise the project. 

DRS credit is not available for work performed by a student during his/her employment.  Instead, credit is granted ONLY in connection with the research and writing project that a student will submit to the DRS supervising professor.

The paperwork necessary for enrolling in a DRS is available in the Student Affairs Office (TNH 2.117).  Please contact Student Affairs at 512-232-1140 or with questions.