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Grading System

The following letter grades are assigned in the School of Law: A+, A, A-; B+, B, B-; C+, C; D; and F. In calculating the grade point average for law courses, an A+ counts as 4.30 points a semester hour; an A, as 4; an A-,as 3.70; a B+, as 3.30; a B, as 3; a B-,as 2.70; a C+, as 2.30; a C, as 2; a D, as 1.70; and an F, as 1.30. An explanation of the grading policy appears on the student's transcript.

Grades, except those in seminars, are based primarily on examinations. Grades in seminars are based primarily on individual research as reflected in a paper and, in some instances, an oral report.

Historical grade distributions are available for students to review in the Student Affairs Office during regular business hours.